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A Personal Note From The Author…

I am a pastor, writer, and part-time educator. It is a passion of mine to help shine biblical insight into the practical, day-to-day issues you and I deal with in our lives.

There’s a lot of debate in Christian circles (and non-Christian circles, for that matter) about money. Some of these debates revolve around the following questions…

Is it wrong for Christians to gain and/or pursue wealth?
Is it wrong for Christians to be in debt? If not, how much debt is acceptable?
Should Christians worry about retirement?
Should Christians play the stock market?
Should Christians tithe – or is that an Old Testament thing? If they should, how much? Is it 10%?
Is it acceptable for pastors, missionaries, and/or other full-time Christian workers to pursue non-ministry employment and/or non-ministry money-making opportunities?
How much should pastors, missionaries, and/or other full-time workers make in the first place?
And much, much more!

To address these questions, I wrote this ebook. For those of you new to “ebooks,” an ebook is a downloadable, electronic booklet – usually much shorter than a regular book. I encourage you to read it, and email me your thoughts through my author‟s email link at Suite101 Protestantism.

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