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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Childcare Basics

Chapter 2: Type Of Center

Chapter 3: Training And Certification

Chapter 4: Legal Requirements

Chapter 5: Health And Safety Issues

Chapter 6: Equipment

Chapter 7: Insurance and Staffing

Chapter8: Marketing

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Type Of Center


Providing for childcare does not simply mean finding a centre to dump a child in for a stipulated period of time. As in most cases this time frame a child is left at the childcare facility is rather significant there needs to be some serious thought and requirement studied in order to identify the type most suited to the needs of both the parents and the child in question.


There are three major categories of childcare types that cater to the various needs of the children and parents seeking such assistance. The following is an overview of these categories:

Childcare center – basically this facility will provide the basic structured program recommended by governing bodies within a licensed environment. It is popularly noted for its reasonable and often cheaper price.

The child will also be exposed to a variety of very diverse cultural and socioeconomic group of kids, which will eventually contribute to a child who is able to feel accepted and comfortable with such diversity.

The flexibility of the schedules provided is also another plus point to consider. The disadvantage here is usually centered on the exposure of the child to illnesses and bad habits from the other children at the centre. There is also the possibility of not having consistent and individualized attention.

Family childcare home – this type of facility usually cater to a smaller group of children where better ration of individualized attention is evident. There is also age factor that is usually varying in nature, thus teaching the children how to adopt to others of different ages, wants and needs.

Being within a home setting the environment is usually more comfortable and welcoming. The disadvantages would be the possibility of the prime care giver being unable to perform the duties due to illness or other emergencies. It may also sometimes be difficult to monitor the quality of the care given to the children.

Chapter 3: Training And Certification


If an individual is considering venturing into the childcare venture as a business entity there should be some training and certification points that should be considered. Without these elements, getting the supporting documentations that would help to legitimize the establishment would be difficult indeed.


The following are some tips on the training and certification platforms:

Part of the training would require the individual to be able to simulate the part of a teacher, mentor and caregiver all rolled into one.

The training will usually allow the individual to learn both about their own capabilities and how they react to situations as well as how to deal with varied ages of children and their corresponding responses and behavioral patterns.

Training modules are given on physical, mental and motor skills development and the exercises are both mentally challenging and physically so.

This is to equip the individual to be able to deal with all types of character children. Learning how to meet the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the children is usually explored through the training sessions.

The certification of such expertise would also be sought by potential parents who visit the centre to check its suitability for the children.

Therefore getting the relevant training from reputable agencies that are government sanctioned would be wise. These certifications presented to the potential parents should also included licenses for the premises, licensed to actually run the particular type of business, licenses that show certified staff are being employed and any other supporting legalized documents that prove the legitimacy of the childcare centre.

If the centre is specialized in nature, where it caters to a specific niche, then here too the relevant certifications should be in place.

These may include the specialized training needed to cater to the niche and the specialized equipment needed to facilitate the comfortable accommodation of the child.

Chapter 4: Legal Requirements


As in every business entity there are always some legal issues that require consideration and adherence. Therefore in the effort to ensure the childcare establishment is legal on all fronts, there is a need to ensure the relevant aspects have been designed according to the laws set.

The Laws

The following are some of the areas that are usually addressed for its legal requirements and adherence:

Child supervision – there are strict rules in place when it comes to the ratio provided for under the law for the child to adult safely issues.

Legally an individual that is 16 years or older can act as a care giver in a childcare environment, however the prime caregiver should be of a legal adult age which is 18 years.

As it clearly stipulates that no child is to be left alone at any given time, there is also a need to ensure the adequate amount of caregivers are available with the corresponding children at the centre.

Nutrition – there are also laws governing the foods that are required to be served at such establishments. The foods have to cover all nutritional groups and have to be hygienically prepared at all times.
Proper work areas for the food preparations have to be in place supported by the necessary equipment.

Child abuse – one of the most high priority concerns of the prospective parent is the element of child treatment that may constitute abuse.

The parents would be keen on finding out the various disciplinary actions that the centre uses to keep the children under control. If these measures are found to be within the guidelines provided for by law, then there would be no cause for concern related to the child abuse issue.

Safety concerns – here to there is always a set of laws that strictly govern this area. These laws would cover all aspects of the centre from the legitimacy of the childcare staff to the legitimacy of the building structure.

These are usually periodically inspected by the relevant governing bodies.

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