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Focus on Buyers Only

This statement may sound contradictory since you also want to convert freebie seekers into paying customers. Well, it means you should add only people who have actually bought from you to your email list.

You might think you are ignoring the most popular list building tactic of giving away a freebie for signups. The logic is that you are after signups of real buyers and not freebie seekers.

You will be surprised that some freebie seekers who feel they need to buy something to get another one from you will actually buy from you. With the steps we shall list further down, you can convert most of such signups to buyers.

Exceed Subscriber Expectations

This one is obvious. It is the best way for ensuring that your buyers are extra satisfied. Ensure that you keep adding a little more value with every email response you send out to your qualified list. Add freebies to the messages occasionally.

It could even be just a link to a valuable article, video, a free report or any other useful resource online. You do not want them to think every communication between you and them is a promotional message which contains one of your affiliate links. When properly implemented, this step greatly enhances your credibility.

It makes your subscribers view you as a friend who has an honest interest in their affairs. They will see you as a true friend who is always ready to help.

Let Your Subscribers Improve Your Products

The best way to conduct your product research is to tactically ask your subscribers what they need or want. When you discover this want or need through their answers, you then create a product which fulfills that need for them. That way, you already have a qualified crowd of buyers waiting to buy your next product.

Converting Freebie Seekers into Serious Buyers

Freebie seekers worry all internet businesses. Only taking without buying is a major drain to all businesses. Nevertheless, with the right steps and approach, you can avoid these scenarios. Your service or product is never the problem.

Some freebie seekers who have been converted admit to expecting being shown that they are valued and respected by the marketer. They admitted to wanting a sure ‘escape route’ should they need to use it.

If you find it hard to turn such people into evangelists for your brand, try the following steps. You will surely notice an increased user engagement and loyalty while the number of your paying customers will rise considerably.

Give Away A Freebie

This may sound contradictory. The trick is that you should offer the freebie with some kind of attachment. You can either give the freebie together with a secondary product option to be bought or, offer a ‘limited free trial’ version of your actual product.

You use the freebie to gather a crowd then you send them all to the right landing page. Although you may still need to perform some ‘weeding out’ with this method, it is still a good way of offering them an ‘upgraded’ product version with several perks, before they get to collect your freebie.

Use Joint Ventures

You can use joint ventures to create a qualified buyers list. It involves entering an agreement with other marketers especially industry influencers. Such marketers then promote your product to their list.

Interested subscribers are then sent to your landing page. The only downside to this depending on how you view it is that, you will have to give your partner a cut of the profits.

Building Your Buyers List – Fee vs. Free

Let Freebie Seeking Subscribers Improve Your Product

Do not let this confuse you. Here, you are asking the questions to know why the freebie seekers are not buying from you. Their answers will point out the adjustments or corrections you need to make to your product or service.

After making the corrections, you can then remarket the product to the freebie seekers. Then, some of them will surely be converted.

An amazing product or service will take you far. But in modern online business, you might need to go a bit further. You do not want the community you have built thinking that you have taken their money and left them out in the cold.

You must get them involved, provoke their excitement and make them feel they must keep using your product. That way you will always have a qualified buyers list just waiting to be converted.

“Use This Fool-Proof Viral Strategy & Add Hungry BUYERS to Your Email List By Leveraging Others!”

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