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Relationship Marketing With E-Mails 2
“How To Build Stronger Bonds, Instill Stronger Credibility And Increase Your Opt-In List Response With Relative Ease!” ….. 2
“How to build stronger bonds, instill stronger credibility and increase your opt-in list response with relative ease!” ……. 5
Chapter 1: Introduction …… 6
You’ve Got Mail! 6
Chapter 2: Building Relationships …. 8
Developing The Competitive Edge …. 8
Tips On Building Rapport With Your Subscriber 9
Establish Yourself As An Authority .. 11
Use E-courses To Build Credibility Over Time 12
Chapter 4: Increase Your Opt-in rates …. 13
Crafting An Excellent Squeeze Page …… 13
Install Viral Friend Generator… 14
Chapter 5: Common Mistakes People Make …… 17
What You Must Avoid At All Costs .. 17
Chapter 6: Summary . 19
The Speed Of Trust . 19
To your success! ….. 19

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Chapter 3: Instill Stronger Credibility

Establish Yourself As An Authority

When you take a look at the average Joe on the street, you may think that there is nothing special about them – until they step up on a podium and start talking about a subject with an air of authority surrounding them.

If you want to succeed at Internet marketing, you must be able to instill stronger credibility to your subscribers by establishing yourself as an authority on your niche market.

For example: when you are talking about making money through product launches, you must let your subscribers know about your credibility either before or after they opt-in to your mailing list.

Here are a few tips on establishing your credibility:

– Talk about your experiences online and offline. If you’ve run an offline business before, use it to establish your credibility as a business builder. If
you’ve been in sales and marketing before, use it to establish your credibility as a copywriter.

– Show them screen shots of how much money you’ve made online (or checks you’ve earned). If you don’t have any of these, use photos of well-known marketers you’ve taken pictures with (e.g. look, here is my picture taken with Mike Filsaime)

– Let others tell the story. It would be better to let others sing your praises – especially in the form of testimonials.

Use E-courses To Build Credibility Over Time

People may not be impressed at the first glance. Sometimes, it takes a few E-mails for people to recognize your capabilities.

One of the ways you can build your credibility over time is to write an E-course or a newsletter that will be sent to your subscriber’s E-mail over a period of days or weeks. It must be something educational – something that will establish you as an expert on the subject.

You can configure your autoresponder to send an E-course once everyday, every two days or a weekly newsletter. So long as the subscriber reads your educational material over a period of time, you can slowly work your way into the heart of your subscriber and stamp a firm impression in their minds.

Chapter 4: Increase Your Opt-in rates

Crafting An Excellent Squeeze Page

If you want to increase your opt-in rates, here are a few principles you must apply to your squeeze page:

– Use compelling arrows to inspire visitors to take action. Believe me, graphics and aesthetics make all the difference!
– Craft a compelling E-cover for the special report or E-book you are giving away. If you are giving away an audio Interview, you can show a picture that displays an audio CD or DVD to increase the perceived value of the product people are downloading in exchange for their E-mail address.
– Use a powerful headline to grab people’s attention.
– Use checkboxes to inspire people to get involved with the benefits of your free product.
– Remember to add a disclaimer below the opt-in box to assure people that they are not getting spammed or that their E-mail address will not be used for unscrupulous purposes.

Install Viral Friend Generator

Viral friend generator by Mike Filsaime is an excellent script that you can use to dramatically increase your opt-in rates.

What it does is that it lets subscribers generate subscribers FOR YOU.

Here is an example of how it works:

You key in your name and E-mail address. Later on, you type in at least 3 friends’ name and E-mail addresses in exchange for a free gift.

This is a “tell-a-friend” script. The friends will receive an E-mail that is sent directly from the referring subscriber to their friends on a one-on-one basis.

There is also a security check box at the bottom where you have to enter a few letters or numbers to fight spam and ensure that the people referring the friends are HUMANS (after all, computers can’t read graphical images).

Imagine if one opt-in subscriber refers at least 3 friends, and these 3 friends each refer 3, and so on.

If you get at least 2 subscribers a day and each of those 2 bring in another 2, imagine how many subscribers you will get after 30 days?

I’ll let you do the math!

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