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Building A Better Mouse Trap – The ‘Freemium’ Model

Simon Hodgkinson: Hi I’m Simon Hodgkinson. And together with Jeremy Gislason we’re going to be talking about a business model that isn’t talked about a great deal, but it’s something that we’ve believed in for some time now and it’s very powerful. We’d like to thank you for taking the time to listen in. And over the next 30 minutes or so you’re going to hear some of this stuff that we haven’t talked about it before. We haven’t shared this with anybody before and we think it‘s going to be something that you want to hear. Jeremy Gislason: Thanks Simon. We’re not going to be selling you anything on this. We just really want to give some good information.

So that’s one thing we want to get out right from the start here. We just want you to hear some really important information we felt we needed to share. We’ve discussed this for quite a while amongst ourselves, and we just see a lot of other things going on in the marketplace, and we felt that it was time to really get the truth out. It’s something that will help your business ultimately. Simon Hodgkinson: That’s it. Just one thing to make a point on, I mean, one of the things that we’re going to be discussing is “membership marketing”… But that doesn’t mean that if you haven’t got a membership site and you’re thinking “I don’t want a membership site”, that’s fine, because this call is still for you.

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