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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Game Creation Basics
Chapter 2:
What Tools Are Needed?
Chapter 3:
2D Game Creation Software
Chapter 4:
3D Game Creation Software
Chapter 5:
Game Modification
Chapter 6:
Building a Game on a Social Site

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Chapter 2:

What Tools Are Needed?


Now that you have completed all of the essential basic tasks of creating a game it is time to start turning your idea into a functioning game. This step can be made much easier with the use of certain tools. By tools I of course do not mean a hammer or a screwdriver. I am talking about tools that can improve your overall workflow as well as the performance of the game.

You may not be familiar with tools that are used in the process of creating a game and that is okay, you are not alone. The following chapter will go over different types of tools used for game creating and will explain the benefits of using them.

Beneficial Tools

A lot of time consumption and the frustration that comes with creating a video game can be alleviated with the use of certain tools. If you have a great deal of pride and you want to try and do everything by hand consider this first, humans have been using tools since the beginning of time so just use them! They will not only increase the speed of your production but they will also surely provide a much better end product.

The following are some tools that’s you may want to consider using as well as their benefits:

– Creation tools

This is probably the tool that you will use the most through the entire process of creating your game. Creation tools are involved in basically every aspect of a game. They are responsible for creating levels, music, characters and items within the game. They are used for basically everything, right down to polishing down rough edges right before the game is released. You can find creation tools for cheap and even some for free but keep in mind you can also make your own. Making your own if you are capable is actually a better idea because you can customize it to your needs for the type of game you are making. Find a simple to use creation tool. This will greatly speed up your workflow and nobody likes trying to use complicated programs that are time consuming.

– In-Game Editors

These game creation tools allow the programmer to make real-time in game changes. This can greatly improve your productivity as you do not have to exit the game in order to make changes. As well, sometimes you think something will work and it does not. The last thing you want to do is spend time reprogramming outside of the game to load it back up and discover your idea did not work. That is what makes these in-game editors so valuable.

– Debugging Tools

These tools are extremely valuable to a game creator. Anyone who has ever designed a game before know how time consuming and frustrating it can be when something in a game fails and you have to read through pages and pages of codes in order to find the problem. Debugging tools get rid of this problem for you by diagnosing possible issues for you as well as giving you their location. They also keep logs and do periodic performance checks.

– Deployment Tools

These tools are commonly used when more than one person is working on the game and different members of the team are working on different parts of the game. For example you may have an artist who works only on characters while you have another artist who only works on backdrops. You will need to make sure that everyone’s work is compatible with each other and correct. Deployment tools are great for this and are also helpful with making sure your game will be compatible when trying to make it for more than one platform. One thing to keep in mind is differences in screen size. For example, a game designed for Xbox would look terrible on a smart phone, which is where you will need the help if a deployment tool.

– Post-Release Tools

These tools are not really used to create your game but are rather used for monitoring your game once it is released. These tools can be used to receive error reports as well as complaints about your game. With the use of these tools you can receive feedback on your game as well and ratings which will help you with your ideas for your next game. Post-Release tools are a great way to see what works and what doesn’t and what will appeal to the market.

With the use of these tools you will surely increase your productivity and create much less work for yourself. Just remember, everyone will hit the occasional snags but they will be nowhere near as bad with the help of these tools.

Chapter 3: 2D Game Creation Software


There are many different types of software that can be used to create two dimensional games. These programs range in price depending on what you want. Unfortunately the higher end programs that professional programmers use for mainstream games are very expensive, around $100,000! If you are like most people this is completely unrealistic and in no way affordable. Do not be alarmed, there are programs out there that are affordable and can do many of the same things.

If you are not familiar with game creation software then the following chapter is perfect for you. The following chapter will proved you with some information on two dimensional game creation software and some software you can use that won’t break the bank.

Effective and Affordable Software

If you are an unexperienced game maker and you are working on your first two dimensional project you should seriously consider using YoYo game maker. This game maker is a comprehensive program that allows people to make games without any prior programming experience. There will still be things that you will have difficulty doing while creating your game, even with the use of this software. However, there is a great deal of online tutorials and many online forums that can offer you plenty of help to overcome whatever obstacle it is that you are facing. In the end, practice makes perfect and although this program will not do everything for you it will definitely lighten your load by a large amount. One of the best things about this program is the fact that the lite version is provided to the public for free. If you want to do more robust things with your game you will have to buy the full version which can run around $500.

Construct 2 is another great program that will take a lot of the stress of making a 2D game away. Construct 2 is a HTML-5 based game engine. This game engine is an alternative to Java and Adobe flash and is specifically designed to develop a wide array of 2D games from platformers to scroll shooters. The games can be instantly previewed and ported to a PC or other system. This software is much cheaper than YoYo gamemaker as it will only run you about $120 for the full version which will unlock the software’s full potential. However, the commercial package will still run you about $400.

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