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Table Of Contents

Introduction – A New Goal: 25 Pounds In 10 Weeks—————————–4
Part 1 – The Workout Plan: The Only 30-Minute Workout You Need———————–5
Monday Routine:—————————————-6
Tuesday Routine:———————————–7
Wednesday & Friday Routine:—————–7
Thursday & Saturday Routine:——————8
Abs Routine:———————-8
Alternate Exercises:————————-9
Part 2 – The Diet Guide: How to Drop Body Fat Without Starving Yourself———————–10
Smoothie Recipes:———————–11
Breakfast Meal———————12
Post-Workout Meal————————-13
Part 3 – Supplement Guide: What to Buy and What’s a Waste of Money————————–15
Final Thoughts – The End of the Beginning——————————-17
One Last Thing…————————18

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Introduction: A New Goal – 25 Pounds In 10 Weeks

One day at the end of 2012, I woke up and decided I wanted to enlist in the United States Air Force. This felt like a great choice, however, there was only one problem–I had to drop close to 25 pounds as fast as possible.

For a normal person to lose 20 pounds, it could take several months. Being the go getter that I am, I had it all planned out to lose that weight in about 10 weeks.

I have always been pretty knowledgeable on fitness and what not, but before I started my challenge, I was kind of lost on the most effective way to lose weight fast.

My whole life I had lifted weights and done cardio, but never had I attempted something like this. I knew I had to do a different workout routine and cardio routine, change my diet, and also change my lifestyle around.

Every time I lifted weights before, I always lifted with a bodybuilders mindset. I would lift one or two major muscle groups per day, 5 days a week. I would do the same exercises for months at a time. My repetitions and sets never changed, only the weight I was lifting increased.

The cardio routines I did were always the same no matter what piece of equipment I was on. Looking back, I really robbed myself of my true potential since I didn’t know anything about what I’m going to discuss in this product.

It was right before I wanted to start my challenge that I was introduced to Cross Fit style workouts – or “High Intensity Interval Training”.

This type of working out was designed to give different muscle groups stimulation, while going at a high intensity to burn more calories than normal.

I did tons of research online to learn the exercises and workout routines, then I went ahead and tried it out.

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