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History of Body Building
Who Becomes a Body Builder?
In the Beginning
Joining a Gym
Building a Home Gym
The Right Equipment
What is Your BMI?
Beginner Routines
Intermediate Routines
Advanced Routines
Diet and Body Building
Going Pro

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History of Body Building

A well-defined physique has always been closely associated with strength, success and fertility. Since ancient times, human beings were highly engrossed in developing their physical structure. Their intent was to attract the opposite sex as well as be useful in several functions of daily living. Today, the activity is more commonly referred to as body building. The world has embraced it since its date of origin.

The Birth of Body Building

The origin of body building is estimated to be between 1880 and 1930. Body building as an art form wherein individuals pose and display symmetry and muscularity, did not exist before the 19th century.  Human beings have been actively building strength to prepare for games and other popular sports for more than 3000 years. The ancient Greeks were known for possessing well-developed symmetry by doing a variety of exercises, including weight lifting.

The single person who could be accredited with initially promoting modern day body building would be Eugen Sandow, from Prussia (Germany). He is now referred to as the father of Modern Body Building.

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