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Focusing on natural search results

As previously suggested, the idea when creating any web site, black hat or white, is to get as many visitors to your site as you can pull from the natural search engine results, those on the left-hand side of the results page.

The way that this is most commonly done is through optimizing your site so that people will find it when they search, and the way that this is normally achieved is by matching your site to the search terms that people use.

We will look at how that is done in a little more detail later, but for now the important thing to understand is that in order for this to be possible, you need to know what those search words or terms are. Furthermore, you must find the terms and phrases that people use that most strongly indicate that they might be interested in whatever product or service you are promoting on your webpage.

In internet marketing parlance, you need to do some keyword research.
Imagine that you are promoting an e-book that is a detailed guide to ‘grooming Persian cats’.

You might think that people who are searching the web using just the single word ‘cats’ might be a good target market for you, but you be wrong for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that someone who is searching using nothing more than ‘cats’ is almost certainly looking for broad information at the most general level. They are certainly not doing anything to indicate that they might be interested in buying a detailed information product like yours.

The second reason is that someone who uses the word ‘cats’ is not looking for information that is specifically about Persian cats, because if they were, then that would have been the search term that they used.

Add these two reasons together and you have someone that is 99.99% certain not to buy your e-book even though, in theory at least, they are a ‘cat person’.

You need to focus your promotional efforts on people who are looking for far more specific information. So, the terms that you should be using with your site are phrases like ‘persian cats’, ‘persian cat grooming’ and so on.

There are two quick searches that you can now do to give you an indication of how easy or difficult it is going to be to draw visitors to your site using those terms.

First, have a look at a Google search to see how many other sites are competing for that same phrase.

That is quite a lot of results, but the figure shown is telling only half the story. What you really want to find out is the number of sites that use the exact phrase Persian cats, whereas what you are seeing here is a list of all the individual web pages that mention Persian cats – so there may be sites that have several pages featured in these results.

What you need to know is how many sites are competing against you, so you click on the Google ‘Advanced Search’.

Change the number of results per page that you want to have displayed to 100, scroll to the bottom of the first results page that you see and go straight to the last page.

And at the bottom of the page, you will find the explanation as to why there are now only 849 results being shown.

So, you have filtered out all the other pages that appear to be from the same or similar sites, meaning that you are up against only 849 other sites.
Next, take a look at the free keyword research tool from Wordtracker. This will show you approximately how many searches there are per day for any keyword or phrase you type in.

There are 729 searches a day for phrases and terms that include the words ‘persian + cats’. More importantly, as you can see, Wordtracker will tell you exactly what these key terms or phrases are, so that you know what terms to focus your site on.

What you would then do is create a new page on your site for every phrase that you are targeting and monetize every one of those pages. The exact way that you would do that quickly and simply using either free or paid software is something we will look at in more detail later.

SEO never stands still

No matter whether it is black hat or white hat search engine optimization techniques that you are considering using, the fact is that SEO never stands still.

As web site design evolves and the search engine spiders become ever more sophisticated and ‘smart’, the SEO tactics that are most effective develop over time as well. For that reason, things that might have worked a year or two ago will not necessarily work now.

As an example, a ‘classic’ black hat technique that used to be very effective was to take the keywords or phrases that you just discovered and add them to the pages of your site, but in text that was the same color as your page background.

In this way, your human visitors could not see them, and so their viewing experience while visiting your page was not disturbed. However, the search engine spiders could see them, and so they would index those pages for the ‘invisible’ keywords that were included on your page, and that would drive visitors to your site.

As far as the search engine people were concerned, this was cheating their system because you were not doing anything that improved the quality of the experience for your visitor, while you were pulling in visitors that, as far as they were concerned, you did not ‘merit’.

Now the spiders that the search engines send out to your site can ‘see’ whether the text on your page is visible or not, so this tactic no longer works. Incidentally, if you are interested in knowing what search engine spiders are visiting your site, and how often, you can find out from the stats programs that are built into the management panel of your site.

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