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{Psychiatry defines bipolar disorder as a mental muddle that causes extreme mood swings, ranging between episodes of acute euphoria mania and severe depression. In simple terms, one moment you are totally ecstatic, and the next you are so sad you could kill yourself. Usually it stems from depression, but then it would have to be depression that you have allowed to last for too long. That’s why it’s important not to allow any form of depression to continue for too long.|We toy with depression all the time, either consciously or otherwise; strange how we humans can underestimate something so deadly. Depression is not just an emotion, it is a state of mind that if allowed to persist can result in a myriad of other effects on your body and, yes… your mind. Bipolar disorder is only one of the ways by which depression can hurt you, but that hurt is hurt enough for a lifetime, and not something that you want to live with. Trust me.|Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that afflicts you such that your moods could swing extremely rapidly between extreme mania and deep depression. Amongst a host of other things, it makes it difficult for you to relate with people around you, and vice versa. I mean, picture just how bad things would be if people could never deal rightly with you because one moment you are ecstatic, and the next you’re blue.}

{Some professionals like to refer to bipolar disorder as a manic-depressive illness, implying the characteristic mood swings that depict the ailment. The manic portion is the part where you are extremely and intensely elated, feeling all self-important, energetic, and irritable. Funny thing is there might not be anything to be excited about. And then in a strange twist of events, you then switch to the depressive part of the syndrome; all of a sudden, you experience painful sadness, starting to think all negative and indifferent, and also apparently for no just cause. Picture that spectacle – not a pleasant one, you will agree.|In bipolar disorder things that used to bring you happiness could suddenly turn sour in your mouth and no one would be able to turn that around. But that is only in the first instance. Within a second, all that could turn around and you’d be dancing a jig and singing “ol’ dark ale” tunes, beside yourself with excitement. It’s all just so funny… and frustrating.|People all over the world get bipolar disorder all the time, although not quite as much as people get depressed. Actually, bipolar disorder is a birth child of depression, and a lot of laypeople who know something about the condition see it as depression gone wrong. I do too, as a matter of fact, which is why I never allow depression much room in my life; it’s just too dangerous.}

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