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Sample Content Preview – This is a blog site dedicated to travel blogs and it includes map integration. Here you’ll discover tons of travel journals and photo blogs from individual travelers of the world. There is also maps, research, and plenty of resources if you are planning some backpacking. – A video blogging site that’s packed with all kinds of great blogs. Whether it’s a blog on new electronics, the internet, or playing golf you’re sure to find one of interest here. It’s also a great space to start your own blog and get a little practice in. – This UK based blog site is designed for camera phone images and text messages. It offers free moblogs, which is a mobile phone web log or online journal that you send via a text message. Registration is free. There are hundreds of blogs to choose from, and it ranks well in the search engines. You can upload from your phone to your blog in minutes, and is an excellent choice if you want to be able to – Create and share your blogs that are related to travel. This is a strong community with a strong following and a great place to start your travel blog no matter where you live or travel. – This is a blog site for women. There are multiple themes and plugins to choose from, and if your blog topic focuses around women this is a great place to start. It’s a well visited site thanks to the great content and the additional resources relating to topics of interest to women. – This is a new blogging format. On day one you’ll write one word, on the second day two words, on the third day three words, and on it goes. By the end of the year, you will have written more than 65,000 words.


WordPress is one of the more popular blog publishing companies with a focus on usability, web standards, and aesthetics. There are a number of sites that are powered by WordPress. – Is a little-known WordPress platform used by more than 70000 blogs. There are more than 140 free customizable themes, brilliant plugins, free sub-domains, anti-spam, and plenty more features. There’s an opportunity to make money of your blog. – WordPress powered blogs for educators is a resource that continues to grow and attract new visitors. Whether you are a teacher or a student you can quickly customize and design your own blog to include photos, podcasts, and videos. It’s secure, safe, and easy to use. – This site offers you free, easy to customize blogs. Everything including, backups, spam blockers, security, upgrades, and setup is taken care for you. However, you have to use one of their themes and you cannot use plugins. There are plenty of widgets you can add, and tags are easy to add. You are not allowed to sell anything unless you are an artist or author. – This site requires more technical skills. It also has to be installed onto a server and upgraded by you anytime there are upgrades. You can sell things, post paid ads, and include a shopping cart. The software is free but hosting might cost you a few dollars a month.


Blog – Free blog hosting and best of all unlimited bandwidth with even their free package.

Best Blog Widgets and Plugins – This is a great site to get a taste of blogging from Google. Easy to use with plenty of tools to help you share your pictures, posts, and videos. You can make your blog look fantastic on a mobile device, and you can even view before going live. – This is a European based blog site with a 30 day free trial and it offers a large amount of storage. BlogSpirit is a complete suite of blog products and services. In just minutes you can make a professional blog. – Free image hosting with your free blogs. Blogster is a blogging community that features specific interest blogs, with a large community of users and visitors. – Here you can build a blog site and open it up for partnership if you want. Bloki offers user friendly features and enough basic tools to help you get your blog up and running. It also features the ability to create links between your pages, and best of all it’s free. – Free blog and website hosting, build your blog using the easy web tools provided. It’s never been easier to put together your own blog and reap the benefits of the volume of traffic that stops by the site to visit. – This is a blogging community where you can start your very own blog for fee, share videos, and photos, and make new friends. It ranks well within Google search engine and offers you high traffic volume. – Zoomshare reaches a large audience made up of small business owners and individuals. With more than 1 million users it is continually growing and members have a wide range of interests. You can build and promote your website and Zoomshare. You can also create and grow your blog.

Windows Live Spaces – This was once one of the most popular free blogging sites through your MSN account. It was then moved over to Live Space and when Live Spaces decided to stop services it was made easy for you to move your blog to WordPress. As of March 2011 Windows Live Spaces had been closed down, but deserved mentioning because so many people used it.


When it comes to blogger plugins and widgets there’s no question there are hundreds, but we’ve picked our top 10 essentials for some serious blogging. Let’s have a look and find out what each has to offer.

1. Author Info Widget

Similar to WordPress author card info, which is displayed at the end of the post, Author Info Widget, will display the author biog-raphy at the end of each post for Blogger users. Author Info Widget shows you’re about me text, gravatar, social network, mail address, and contact links of your post author.

2. Google Buzz Share Count Button

These days Google Buzz is doing a lot of buzzing, and it can be seen in Mashable. You can opt for the same on your Blogspot/Blogger blogs. Add Goggle Buzz Share Count Button to your blog, which will count and allow you to buzz your blog.

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