Basic Guide to Exotic Pet Ownership and Care Plr Ebook With Audio

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Why Do You Want an Exotic Pet?    4
What Type of Exotic Pets Can You Get?    6
Are There Any Legal Issues With Owning Exotic Pets?    8
What Health Risks are Associated with Exotic Pets?    10
Where Should You Buy Your Pet?    12
Where Can You Get Information About Your Pet?    14
Where Should You Take an Exotic Pet for Health or Emergency Care?    16
What Kind of Home Will Your Pet Need?    18
How Expensive are Exotic Pets?    20
What Special Care Would Your Pet Need?    22
What Type of Food Would Your Pet Eat?    24
Who Will Care for Your Exotic Pet When You are Away?    26
What Sort of Exotic Pet Should You Avoid?    28
What Type of Exotic Pet is Right for You?    30
How to Find Friends Who Share Your Passion for Exotic Pets    32

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Why Do You Want an Exotic Pet?

Pets are an important part of many people’s lives. They provide companionship for the lonely and help children to learn the responsibility of caring for another living thing. They often adopt the role of guardian to both the children and adults in their family. And some can help to care for their owners in cases of disability e.g., the seeing-eye dog.

Exotic pets are those animals that cannot be considered truly domesticated like dogs are. They may be popular as pets, but training them is difficult and most don’t come when called like a dog would. They may be rare in the wild, or rare in your own country. They are unpredictable when frightened and may be dangerous due to their adult size. Some easily bite if not handled with care; other are poisonous.

Some people like to have an exotic pet, rather than the usual dog, cat or bird. It may be that they like the shock effect on other people when they show a pet spider or snake. They excite attention when they show others their unusual pet. It makes them feel special to know they are one of just a few people in the world who has that special animal, insect or rodent.

It might be that they just want something different. They might feel bored with dogs and cats and like the challenge of caring for something completely different. A shy person will certainly have something to talk about if they own an exotic pet.

Or it could be that they have somehow gained a passion for a certain type of animal that is not usually classed as a pet. It could be that they have come into contact with an animal that is classed as an exotic pet and want to help preserve the species. It may have been found injured on the road and needs a great deal of care before being released back into the wild. Or maybe its injuries are such that it could not survive alone in the wild, so must now be cared for by a kind person.

Some people are physically unable to care for a normal pet, either due to a disability or because of where they live. But they still like to have a living animal to look at and care for. In this case, a pet like a lizard is easier to care for. It doesn’t need to be taken for walks or let outside for exercise. It doesn’t cost much to feed, take up much room or require much cleaning up after. It won’t scratch the furniture or make loud noises that might annoy the neighbors.

All pets should be properly cared for, so whatever your reason for owning an exotic pet make sure you find out its needs and whether you can care for it in a way that will keep in comfortable and happy…

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