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{If you are having pains in your gums, this can be the problem behind your bad breath. You see, pains in your gums are usually a result of gum disease. Curing the gum disease is a good first step before trying to solve the bad breath problem because curing the former will get rid of the latter, in most cases. |To effectively cure bad breath, you should stay away from those mouthwash products that contain too much alcohol. This is because alcohol dries one’s mouth and a dried mouth is the right environment for bacteria such as the anaerobic bacteria that love environments that little or no oxygen. |Don’t go taking all sorts of bad breath cures or solutions without first talking to your dentist. Your dentist should be the first port of call when you notice that you have a persistent bad breath problem. It’s much better and will benefit you more than attempting to solve the problem on your own, especially if it’s caused by a more chronic problem. }

{There are now special tongue scrapers for sale that you can use to thoroughly scrap your tongue. You will be surprised that just scraping your tongue as well as brushing your teeth can help cure bad breath. I was surprised about this but isn’t it obvious? Lots of bacteria do gather in the tongue and scraping can help a lot. |Lovers of fruits such as lemons, oranges, citrus fruits and limes shouldn’t have mouth odor, especially if they don’t have internal problems that can cause bad breath from within their systems. Such kinds of fruits help a great deal and are used by lots of people as effective bad breath cures. |People wonder why garlic causes bad breath when they have thoroughly brushed their teeth several times and have erased all signs of the garlic from their mouths. You see, garlic has certain active ingredients which are seamlessly absorbed into our blood streams. These are then expelled by our lungs when we breath. So, as you can see, the problem of bad breath from garlic is from within, not from our mouths. So, you should avoid garlic as much as possible to get good breath. }

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