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Table of Contents

Introduction . 4
Chapter 1: The Law of Attraction – True or False? .. 6
What is the Law of Attraction? …. 6
The Problem With the Law of Attraction … 10
Chapter 2: Taking Opportunities ….. 12
You Make Your Own Luck 15
Chapter 3: Overcoming Challenges 17
You’re in Over Your Head . 20
You Don’t Know Your Own Worth …. 22
Life Gets in the Way . 24
Chapter 4: Springboarding ……. 26
Success Begets Success . 28
Choosing Your Direction … 29
How to Transition Into What You Want ….. 31
Chapter 5: The Plan .. 35
Conclusion . 38

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Chapter 2: Taking Opportunities

In the last year, I have fulfilled a large number of dreams and goals that I’ve had. I’ve written a best-selling book, I’ve started working with a leading tech firm and I’ve become a regular on one of the most watched YouTube channels. I got flown to somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, all expenses paid, and I met some world-famous personalities in my industry. Last year, I bought a house and launched a highly successful app. The year before that, I got married. Over the last couple of years I’ve visited over 20 different countries. And I’ve maintained a highly active social life and a ripped physique.

As for adventures, I’ve had a few. I’ve climbed a mountain, I’ve driven go-karts on the road around Berlin, I’ve bungee jumped, I’ve driven a boat down the Thames in England, I’ve eaten dinner outdoors in front of the Coliseum in Rome… In fact there’s rarely a month that goes by that I don’t get to try something new.

I’m not bragging, I’m just stating facts.

Now I’m going to tell you how it happened for me and how it happened for you.

And the simple answer is that I said ‘yes’ a lot.

A lot of things came my way. A lot of great opportunities. And instead of saying I didn’t have time, instead of asking others if I should take up those opportunities… I said yes.

And I’ve been doing this for the past decade in fact. I’ve been saying yes to some tiny opportunities, many of which seemed like nothing at the time. I built an app for someone here, designed a website there. I went on a couple of dates. I took on new clients in my writing business. I said yes when a friend invited me to a concert I knew nothing about. Some of these things didn’t even seem like opportunities at the time.

A lot of people would have turned them down. Maybe they were unconfident and didn’t think they could do it. Maybe they were too lazy or too tired.

But each of those little opportunities led to newer and better opportunities and experiences. They built on each other. A little experience here and there, the right contacts here and there. Making new friends. Planting the seeds of new ideas.

Constantly saying yes allowed those opportunities to build on each other and for more and more to come.

Right now, in your own life, I bet there are plenty of opportunities you are not taking. Even if that’s just the opportunity to do something constructive with a bit of free time you have. Or the opportunity you have to do something new with a friend. It might be that you’ve been offered a training opportunity at work that you’re currently ignoring.

This reminds me of two friends. A bunch of us went off to college when we reached 18 but these two friends stayed at home and worked for a local supermarket. They both told us that they were off to do great things and that we were just wasting our money (of course college creates endless opportunities… but we won’t go into that!).

Over the next few years though, they both stayed in those jobs and not much seemed to happen. Behind the scenes though, they were acting very differently. Friend A was taking every opportunity for development and progression that came their way. They want to the training days. They went to the leadership seminars. They went to the teambuilding. They schmoozed. They danced (probably). They said the right things. They smiled at every single customer.

Meanwhile, my other friend said no to every opportunity that came their way. They thought that they were too good for these things. They were going to be rich! Why would they care about that management course? Or becoming team leader?

But guess what? Friend B is still in that same job right now. Friend A meanwhile eventually became team leader. Then floor manager for the clothing section. Then manager of the store. Then they became regional manager. Then they got headhunted by another company. Now they earn far more than the rest of us dare to guess.
The only difference? They took the opportunities that life handed out to them.

You Make Your Own Luck

So, you might say that all this success was just luck. You might think that all you have to do is to wait for things to be handed out to you? How is that proactive!
Firstly, recognize that this isn’t easy. Doing all that training won’t have been easy for my friend when everyone else was out partying. Or when they were in a serious relationship. Or also pursuing another hobby as a radio presenter. Saying ‘yes’ is not as easy as it sounds. It’s scary and it’s challenging.

Secondly, you need to recognize that you in fact make your own luck. Because not all of these opportunities will appear without your action.

The first thing to do is to take note of the ‘law of attraction’ that we discussed earlier. In other words: you need to present yourself as someone who is deserving of these opportunities. You need to be well dressed. Eloquent. Confident. Capable. THEN you will find more and more people start offering you things.

If you portray yourself in the right way, then you will be batting away offers for high paid jobs and exciting opportunities.

The other way you make your own luck is by chasing down opportunities when they don’t present themselves. That might mean going to networking events in your industry. This is SUCH a valuable way to progress your career.

If you want to find love, or sex, then you need to go to dating events, get on online dating, get on Tinder, go to bars, go to clubs.

You need to create every opportunity for life to give you what you want and you need to be ready to seize it when that happens.

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