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We do not believe that there is a single definition of gratitude. You will see definitions for gratitude that center around emotions, traits, attitudes, habits and even morals. Gratitude is complex and it is dynamic.

We believe that gratitude is actually a skill. When you cultivate the skill of gratitude your life will dramatically transform for the better. It will help you to get more of the things that you want and strengthen your relationships.

The Gratitude Emotion

You may read that gratitude has a strong connection to moods. We think that it is more about emotion. Emotion is a definite personal experience or circumstance. A mood can be influenced by a number of different things and doesn’t usually come from within.

When you think about gratitude you usually express it in response to an action that occurs in a relationship situation with someone else. Another person has given you something or you have given something to another person. When people express gratitude for receiving they are performing an exchange. This exchange strengthens the gratitude emotion.

Most emotions are powerful but gratitude is really powerful. When an exchange occurs the receiver of the gratitude needs to put themselves in the shoes of the giver to really experience the emotion. When you place yourself in the giver’s shoes enables you to feel the intention of the giver.

It is very important that the receiver really feels the sincere intention of the giver so that they can stir the emotion of gratitude and respond accordingly. So it truly is an emotional exchange that is very powerful.

There are many reasons to be Grateful

Gratitude is not just about an exchange between a giver and a receiver. It isn’t limited to the giving and receiving of material things either. If you receive good advice from someone else then you should certainly be grateful for this for example.

You can express gratitude on your own. Good health, the food that you have to eat, the people that you have in your life, the job that you work at that provides the money that you need – these are all things that you should be grateful for.

As you will learn from going through this guide, there are so many things that you have in your life right now that you can and should be grateful for. Most people will be grateful for what they receive from others, but they do little, if anything to express gratitude for what they have in their life at this moment.

We have said already that there are many things that you can be grateful for. In this guide we will provide you with the knowledge and the methods that will help you to develop a true attitude of gratitude. It will help you to develop the mindset that you should take nothing for granted and that you should value everything that you have in your life.

It is going to take practice to truly adopt an attitude of gratitude. We all lead busy lives these days but you need to make room for gratitude. After reading this guide you will know when you need to be grateful and you should take action to express it.

Too many people take everything that they have for granted. Think about what your life would be like if you lost some of these things. Are you grateful for your health? Where would you be if you had significant health problems?

So if you suddenly had your health taken away, or have your car taken away or you are even denied access to the people in your social circle how would these things make you feel? Pretty bad is the answer. Now imagine slowly receiving all of these things back. Would you be grateful? You bet you would be!

Start by finding happiness in what you have

One of the best ways to find things to be grateful for is to look for happiness in the things in your life that you have right now. Most people reserve their gratitude for receiving the bigger things in life such as meeting the partner of your dreams, getting a promotion at work or having a baby.

If you are thinking this way then you need to change. Here are some things you can try that are very easy to do:

As soon as you awaken each day be grateful that you have another day of life. That way that you view life will determine your happiness and it will help you to appreciate how you see your life right now.

When you think about it there are so many things in your life that you can be grateful for. Just thinking about this can give you a real lift and make you feel a lot happier. So make a commitment to identify the smaller things in life that you tend to take for granted and be grateful for these things.

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