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Table Of Contents

1. Where does Website Traffic come from?
2. Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation Explained
3. The Importance of Quality Content
4. What is Article Marketing?
5. Where to Get Content for Your Articles?
6. What is Good Keyword-Rich Content?
7. How Can You Get Content for Article Marketing
8. How Best to Submit Your Articles
9. Conclusion

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1. Where Does Website Traffic Come From?

If you own a website and is interested to generate traffic to it, then it is important to know where does website traffic come from.

First some statistics. An Ipsos-Reid poll showed that people are starting to rely more heavily on the internet with increases in the frequency of internet usage in North America the UK and Asia. At the time of the poll 72% of Americans were online within the previous month, and that number continues to rise.

How are they finding information on the internet? According to research published by GVU (Graphic, Visualization and Usability Center), most users – novice, expert, young, old, male and female – find new websites from two main sources: hyperlinks and search engines. Pew Internet & American Life Project also published statistics about search engine use which indicated that “84% of online American adults have used search engines. That amounts to 108 million people. On any given day, 56% of those online use search engines.”

If a high proportion of traffic is generated through search engines, then understanding more about what search engines consider in order to rank your webpages become very important. Being listed high in the search engines means more people will find you when looking for the product, service or information you provide. Search engines use different methods for determining your position in the listings.

For instance, hyperlinks are links that direct a visitor or search engine to another website or page. When websites provide a link to your site, the search engines deem your site as valuable and this affects your position in the listings.

Two popular methods of getting traffic from search engines include Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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