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Chapter 1: Writing Speeches Is Not As Hard As You Thought

Chapter 2: Your Goals Of Delivering The Speech

Chapter 3: Understanding The Topic Thoroughly

Chapter 4: Determine The Depth Of Your Research

Chapter 5: You Need To Know Your Audience

Chapter 6: Dummies Way Of Researching On Your Speech Topics

Chapter 7: Anatomy Of Your Speech

Chapter 8: Getting Evidence To Support Your Speech

Chapter 9: Writing A Persuasive Speech Outline

Chapter 10: Why Call To Action Is Important

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Creating a good speech is really all about using the right ingredients to ensure the overall outcome is acceptable and professionally done. There are a lot of elements that should ideally be included when designing a good speech. Get all the info you need here.

Art Of Writing A Speech

Picking Up The Speech Writing Skills As Easy As ABC

Chapter 1: Writing Speeches Is Not As Hard As You Thought


The following are some guidelines that can be used to ensure the best speech content and style is presented Some Rules To Follow

• Having a clear picture of the requirements of the speech content is very important, as it ensures the speech is designed around this feature. Deviating from this would result in content that is not connective to the issues intended and therefore render the speech inappropriate.

• The speech should also have three very clear sections, and this would include an introduction, a mid section and a conclusion. All three of these parts are very important and should hold a different significance to the entire theme. The introduction should ideally be designed around the idea of drawing the interest of the audience and holding it long enough to ensure an effective launch into the mid section. The mid section should be where the actual information on the topic discussed is actually presented. This is then followed by the conclusion which should be designed to have enthralled the audience so much that they would now be eager to consider follow up actions.

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