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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Understanding Anger
Chapter 2:
Letting Your Anger Go
Chapter 3:
Managing Your Anger Effectively
Chapter 4:
Preventing Anger
Chapter 5:
Change Your Lifestyle
Chapter 6:
Anger & Relationships
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Letting Your Anger Go

Getting Rid Of It

Taking the time and effort to replay in the mind’s eye the past mistakes only to conjure further negativity has somehow gained a foothold that is often hard to penetrate and rectify. The unrealistic power this negativity seems to have on the individual eventually causes both mental and physical problems, which is left unchecked often lead to destructive scenarios.

The only way to get over an issue and get on with living is to learn to consciously force one’s self to let go, and this can be done with a few practiced measures.

The following are some recommendations on how to learn to let go of anger:

Getting the frustration element completely out of one’s life would be an ideal way to start letting go of any anger issues.

A lot of angry people are often frustrated people, thus without this negative element present, it would be easier for the individual to achieve some level of happiness and contentment.

Changing one’s perception of something is also another way of letting go of possible anger rising because of the perceived scenario.

Learning to rely solely on realism rather than just perception should be actively adopted to ensure the chances of greeting the situation with anger is limited.

When the situation is seen for what it really is, there is then the rationalizing factor that kicks in and allows the said individual to respond better.


Anger is a very natural emotion, but what is not natural is how it is sometimes manifested or displayed. This is where the anger emotion becomes a danger both to the individual and to others around. Anger is an emotion that should always be kept under control irrespective of the situation or reaction.

Chapter 3: Managing Your Anger Effectively

Handle It

The following are some tips as to how to manage anger effectively: Taking a time out, as it is popularly termed, is something everyone should learn to master whenever there is the slightest indication of anger rising from within.

Once this is done and the individual has some control of the anger and is calmer then and only then should anything be expressed. Under such conditions, the content of what is being expressed is more likely to be sensible and less emotional.

Exercising is another very effective way of managing anger. The physical activity can effectively dissolve any immediate anger sentiments and leave the individual too exhausted to contemplate confrontations of any kind.

Besides giving the individual something distracting to do, physical activities will stimulate the various brain chemical and create the happy feelings that will in turn relax the individual.

Developing the habit to thinking before speaking is something that cannot be emphasized enough. Often people don’t stop to think of the consequences of voicing their opinions, especially when it is done in anger.

Therefore, by practicing the simple exercise, any potentially negative situation can be defused, because all concerned are given the opportunity to step back and relook at the situation before making any judgments and comments.

Being able to provide workable solutions as opposed to simply contributing negativity will also help to manage any possible anger rising. Cultivating the positive outlook capability will help the individual seek solutions first instead of spewing accusations.

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