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Chapter 1: Addictive Personalities

Chapter 2: How People Get Trapped In Addiction

Chapter 3: In The Mind Of An Addict

Chapter 4: Taking Responsibility For Your Life

Chapter 5: Replacing Addiction With New Habits

Chapter 6: Motivation To Freedom

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Perhaps the first thing to understand about addictive personalities is that most of these mindsets are unable to see the bigger picture in any scenario and everything for them is either one or the other option and there is no room for compromising. This very destructive personality trait eventually causes a lot of problems both socially and personally for the individual, therefore learning to overcome this would eventually prove to be an advantage. Get all the info you need here.

An Addict’s Guide to freedom

New ways to understand addicts and get rid of addictions

Chapter 1: Addictive Personalities


The following are some characteristics that are seemingly prevalent in addictive personalities and identifying and understanding these, would be the first step towards eliminating them from the personality makeup:

The Basics

Poor coping skills – this is almost always a trigger factor for the additive personality to withdraw or take a defensive stand in any situation. Not being able to accept change or cope with it, is usually what causes the individual to shun from the prevailing circumstances and shut themselves out from having to face the problem at hand.

The need for immediate gratification – the need to buffer or shield one’s self from any adverse situations or feelings would require the “quick fix” action that usually includes substance abuse, alcohol of turning to other equally negative distractions. Such relief is only temporary and ineffective as the individual is not really dealing with the situation and instead choosing to shut it out by replacing it with a temporal good feeling aura. This of course is not only an unproductive recourse but also one that will eventually bring forth further negative complications.

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