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Table of Contents

Introduction 04
Section 1: Amazon Basics
Chapter 1: What’s Amazon all about? 07
Chapter 2: Why should you care about Amazon? 10
Chapter 3: How can you make money with Amazon? 15
Section 2: The Hottest Ways to Make Money with Amazon
Chapter 4: Selling your products 23
Chapter 5: Selling your services 28
Chapter 6: Self-Publishing 33
Chapter 7: Selling with FBA 38
Chapter 8: Becoming an Affiliate 42
Section 3: The Amazon Associates Program
Chapter 9: Setting Up an Amazon Affiliate Website 46
Chapter 10: Setting up your Amazon Associates account 51
Chapter 11: Finding the best affiliate offers to promote 55
Chapter 12: Writing Content for your Amazon Affiliate Website 59
Section 4: Advanced Amazon Affiliate Tricks
Chapter 13: The hottest traffic methods for Amazon Affiliate Sites 64
Chapter 14: Using Amazon Native Shopping Ads 68
Chapter 15: Advanced FBA Strategies 71
Chapter 16: Embedding an Amazon aStore into a Facebook Page
Section 5: Additional Tips to consider
Chapter 17: Do’s to apply 80
Chapter 18: Don’ts to avoid 84
Chapter 19: Premium tools and Services to consider 88
Chapter 20: Shocking Case Studies 93
Conclusion 98
Top Resources 99
Special Offer 100

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Chapter 1: What’s Amazon all about?

If you have used Amazon, you already have a good idea of what the company is all about. It’s all about making things easier. With humble origins rooted in the online bookstore niche, it has grown to be the world’s biggest and most successful online retailer.

Amazon functions on the principle of delivering to anyone, anywhere in the world; and deliver it does! It just doesn’t deliver goods. It also delivers great service and opportunities to everyone, with up to 280,000 estimated new job openings for the coming year, support for non-profit organizations around the world and enterprising options to people from all walks for life.

What are some of the key elements that make Amazon such an important organization? It has the potential to impact your life in ways you might not be aware of. Amazon proudly highlights the following:


Amazon refers to transformation as the act of empowering others to help them transform their lives. It has achieved this by letting people unleash their creativity and fuel their passion through the Amazon platform.

Authors, developers, small businesses and non-profits have used the Amazon platform and marketplace to achieve success and transform their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.


While transformation is the goal, the opportunity will drive you to follow your passion and fulfill your dreams. Amazon offers people an opportunity that was not possible in the past unless you were favored by a privileged background.

Whatever creation you have in mind is now possible without limitations thanks to Amazon. The Amazon platform is the right place for you whether you have adventurous aspirations such as publishing a book or getting a movie or series made, or if you have more industrious aspirations such as selling products, making money online or starting a career.

Economic Impact

The fact that Amazon is giving people the opportunity to easily do what they love and transform their lives has had a positive economic impact on the people living the dream, and on their communities and the world at large. Besides, Amazon directly employs 300,000 people, fostering a culture of economic growth through job openings and entrepreneurship.

In the community

Amazon gives back to the world that helped it grow by contributing to the communities where its employees and customers live. These contributions come in a wide variety of ways including computer skills education for kids, financial help for non-profits in need, legal assistance for communities, healthy food stops, environmental action and disaster relief efforts.


Amazon prides itself on being a true technological pioneer. It wants to improve commerce, customer service, consumer goods and alternative energy sources. Some innovations introduced by Amazon in the aforementioned fields include the Amazon marketplace itself, drone delivery, one click ordering at home and its wind and solar farms.

Working at Amazon

Amazon is a place where builders, inventors and innovators can perform their best and delight customers with compelling products and services through operational excellence and focused execution. It is a working environment that fosters diversity, curiosity and community building!


Amazon is not only about the profits, and it wants you to know that by putting its inventive culture to work on sustainability and by protecting the environment. Starting with environmentally friendly packaging, amazon is putting off great efforts to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure footprint.

Stay tuned to discover what all this means for you and how you can change your life, the Amazon way!

Chapter 2: Why you should care about Amazon is as gigantic as gigantic can be. It started with a man in his garage with a strong desire to change the way we buy our stuff. Now, Amazon is the undisputed leader of the online retail market, with many overseas enterprises copying their business model, making life easier for everyone in many ways.

The first thing that people think about when they picture Amazon is shopping. You’re more than likely to make a purchase on, seeing as how people can even buy foods and fresh produce there. It is like a giant, global supermarket that has it all!

Over 95 million people visit and buy stuff on Amazon on a monthly basis, which means that there is a lot of money exchanging hands in the Amazon marketplace. Have you ever wondered how much money Amazon merchants make per month? More importantly, should you care about how much money they make?

Absolutely, yes! Not only can you become an Amazon merchant, but you can also live the high life by doing so. It is a possibility, and we are going to teach you

how. Right now, we want you to open your eyes and see why you should care about Amazon and why you should start making money with it.

Awesome Benefits

Amazon is a godsend for online vendors. Anyone with a passing interest in making money online should try Amazon, because basically any type of method for making money online can be exploited in the platform! Let’s take a look at some of its most hyped benefits.

It is the largest online marketplace

Amazon is an international marketplace where anyone with an internet connection can make a purchase. Hundreds of millions of customers navigate Amazon in search of all kinds of products and services, so there’s no limit when it comes to whom you want to sell to!

You can sell all types of goods including electronics, beauty products, sporting goods, music, apps, games, books, foods, collectibles, and so on. Whatever it is, there is someone looking for it in the Amazon marketplace!

It can take care of your inventory

“Fulfillment by Amazon”, most commonly known as FBA, is an inventory management service offered by Amazon to sellers. FBA is all about sending your inventory to Amazon’s warehouses and having them taking care of it. They will not only store it, they will also package and ship it to your customers. They will even take care of customer service for you!

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