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{No one ever prays to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and no one ever hopes to have a loved one who does. It so happens, though, that the disease comes about anyhow, and then you have to deal with it. So, in the interest of your own peace of mind, you will do well to learn how to care for such people afore-hand.|You might feel like you never need to know a thing about Alzheimer’s disease but you would be dead wrong. There is a lot you could do for yourself by reading up on it, if not for your own self, at least you could use the knowledge to help a loved one who suffers.|There is no knowledge that is lost: whatever you can learn about something like Alzheimer’s at this time will do you a lot of good should you come across someone who is suffering from it. I do hope it is not a loved one, but even if it weren’t, you could still be a great deal of help.}

{Alzheimer’s often strikes without a lot of warning; and one day you are looking someone in the face all firm and resolute, while the next they are nearly senile. It is painful to watch, but even more painful to sit idle and not know how to care for them. Learn now, it will do you much good.|There are challenges associated with caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. They could be very difficult and not knowing how to deal with that can be a problem. You could speak to your doctor about it, but you could also learn it on your own. I’d rather learn.}

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