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{One brain ailment that grows to change one’s ability to perform normally is Alzheimer’s disease.|Alzheimer’s disease is one type of brain problem that does not allow its victims to exercise mental abilities after a certain age. |One disease which hinders its victims from carrying out any mental activities is Alzheimer’s disease.|The development of Alzheimer’s disease in one can negatively affect the person’s ability to engage in mental activities. |Alzheimer’s disease is one sickness that develops in the brain, thereby causing the victim to be mentally ineffective.|A brain disorder that grows and hampers its victim from participating in any mental exercise is the Alzheimer’s disease.|Alzheimer’s disease disturbs the mind of the victims, therefore rending the person incapacitated. |Brain distortion is the main horror associated with Alzheimer’s disease.|A person’s ability to function mentally can be negatively affected by a brain disorder called Alzheimer’s disease. |Alzheimer’s disease is one brain malady that negatively affects victims’ mental capacity.} {Alzheimer’s disease still has no cure.|There is still no cure for Alzheimer’s disease.|Obviously for now, the cure for Alzheimer’s disease is yet to be found.|The truth is that Alzheimer is incurable; at least for now.|The cure for Alzheimer is yet to be discovered.|There is no cure for this disease yet.|Alzheimer cannot be cured yet.|There is no known cure yet for Alzheimer’s disease.|There is no cure to this disease yet.|For now, Alzheimer cure hasn’t been discovered.} {With the research being carried out on this incurable disease, its cause is yet to be known.|Even though there are many ideas formulated and still going on, the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not discovered yet. |Discovering the cause of this sickness has been difficulty although tests are still being carried out on it.|Many views and opinions abound on Alzheimer’s disease, but its cause is not found despite the many investigations that have been carried out.|Study on Alzheimer’s disease is on going to find a way out even though its origin is not known.|Research in currently being carried out all over the world to know the treatment of this disease even when its root cause is still unfounded.|Finding out the right cure for Alzheimer continues though its cause remains uncertain.|Presently, tests and ideas are conducted to obtain a way out of this bad disease even when it is difficulty to identity its cause.|Many researches are going on days and nights to come up with a definite treatment of this disease although the cause is still unknown.|Discovering the cure for Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most important researches being conducted, despite its unidentifiable cause.}

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