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{Allergies, being that they often occur instantaneously with little reaction time, can be very serious or even fatal.|Fatality has been associated with allergic reactions for years due to their rather sudden occurrences, leaving little time for reaction.|The way allergic reactions happen, people have been known to have little time to prepare or attend to themselves before a fatality occurs.|The seriousness of an allergy can be seen in the fact that people often do not have much time to react or prepare for it.|Allergic reactions are serious enough to kill a person because they happen suddenly, while the victim has little time to react.|There is often very little time for an allergy victim to react to an attack once it happens because it is often sudden and very serious.|Fatality can sometimes be the result of an allergic reaction when the sufferer does not have time to react or respond to an attack.|An attack of allergies has been known time and again to kill a victim very rapidly and suddenly, giving him no time to react to it.|Reactions to allergies can kill rather suddenly, so people take them very seriously.|The seriousness of an allergic reaction cannot be undermined because it can be very sudden and violent, sometimes ending in the death of the victim.} {Persons who experience indications of unease in the vicinity of an allergen often get allergic reactions.|Allergens in the environment cause uncomfortable symptoms in a person which in turn result in an allergic reaction.|Allergies are actually reactions to allergens in the surroundings to which a person may be sensitive, thus experiencing uncomfortable symptoms.|When a person is sensitive to an allergen, he tends to experience uncomfortable symptoms when around it, which may end in an allergic reaction.|Uncomfortable symptoms in a person that is sensitive to an allergen results in an allergic reaction.|Sensitivity to an allergen results in an allergic reaction when the victim begins to experience uncomfortable symptoms.|A victim of an allergic reaction is someone who experiences uncomfortable symptoms in the presence or vicinity of an allergen.|Allergens can cause substantial discomfort in a person that is sensitive to them, resulting in violent allergic reactions.|Allergic reactions occur as a result of sensitivity to an allergen that causes extreme discomfort in a person.|An allergy is a reaction to an allergen in an area by a person who is extremely uncomfortable around it.}

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