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Wheelchairs A to Z
Different Types of Wheelchairs
Bariatric Wheelchairs
Manual Wheelchairs
Handcycles and Trikes
Lifts, Ceiling Tracks and Overhead Lifts
Stair Glides, Platforms and Elevators
Wheelchairs for the Shower
Driving and Wheelchairs
Electric Scooters
Pediatric Wheelchairs
Power Wheelchairs – Getting Serious
Sports Wheelchairs
What About Used Wheelchairs
Wheelchair Accessories and Parts

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Wheelchairs A to Z

So You Need A Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a valuable piece of equipment for people with mobility problems. Although the notion of using one may not be thrilling – since it usually accompanies a particular infirmity, wheelchair-bound individuals need not worry too much about adapting to a new and totally different lifestyle. In fact, a lot of modifications have been carried out so as to accommodate these mobility aids particularly in public places and establishments.

Common Reasons Behind Wheelchair Use

There are many reasons why someone would need to use a wheelchair. It may be transitory or permanent depending on the disease or disability. Some of the most common causes include old age, severe weakness, muscular and skeletal disorders, neurological conditions, congenital anomalies, spinal cord injuries, and other infirmities.

People who have incurred various forms of muscular and/or skeletal trauma from falls, and vehicular or other types of accidents also require the use of wheelchairs. Some of these patients may necessitate mobility aids for rehabilitation purposes and only within a specified span of time, while others may be confined to wheelchairs indefinitely or even for as long as they live.

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