Alif Blows Bubbles PLR Ebook

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Alfi blew a stream of bubbles over the daises.

Some of these bumped together and popped showering little shower drops of water onto the flowers.

Now sitting in one of the flowers, minding there own business, gathering nectar and pollen, were two large black and yellow bees.

The bees were being showered every now and then with sudden bursts of soapy rain.

Just when they had gathered an armful of pollen, splosh they were hit in the face with a sudsy drop of water, this made them drop all their pollen over the flower.

The two bees were getting cross.

Alfi was still running round the garden enjoying himself, blowing the bubbles, as the two bees looked over the edge of the flower to see what was going on.

” Now that.” said the first bee. ” Is the problem.”

The answer to the problem they both thought was to remove the bubbles.

Together the bees decided to burst all the bubbles with thereir little pointy sting.

Zooming out from the flower the bees rushed around the garden, bursting as many bubbles as they could find. It was hard work.

Alfi, far from being sad at seeing his bubbled being burst, thought that it was fun and started blowing more bubbles.

The bees were buzzing around like wild things, while Alfi was blowing more and more bubbles.

The buzzy bees got so out of breath they had to go back to a large daisy for a rest and a cup of nectar.

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