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What is Google AdSense?.5
How Google AdSense Works..6
How You Earn Money.8
How AdSense Can Help You Earn Extra Cash..9
How Much Will I Earn?..11
How Does Google AdSense Work?..12
It’s Easy!13
It’s Fast!.13
Work As Much or As Little As You Want.14
The Money is More or Less Passive.14
You Can Do Something You Love – And Get Paid for It..15
Easy Learning Curve.15
This is a ZERO Startup Cost Business!.16
You Can Get Started Now.17
Where to Go From Here17
Google AdSense Makes Sense for Your Business!.19
For Advertisers20
How It Works23
The Basic Steps:..23
AdSense Products.24
Benefits of AdSense.25
• The most advertisers means.25
The most robust targeting of any ad network26
Contextual targeting26
Placement targeting26
Interest–based advertising..26
Wide variety of ad formats..27
Flexible ad controls..27
Control how Google represents your inventory28
Manage how your ads are displayed..28
Powerful reporting tools29
Performance reports..29
Google Analytics reports..29
Additional monetization solutions30
Google AdSense Has a Downside?.30
#1: Illegitimate Websites..31
#2: Confusing Advertising Tunnels31
#3: Your success depends on successful SEO..31
How You Earn Money..32
Tips for AdSense Success..32
Guaranteed Success?34
Potential Issues Google AdSense..34
Getting the Most Out of Google Adsense..36
Setting Up Your AdSense Account36
Have questions38
How Much Will I Earn?..42
Help with Google AdSense..43
Good luck with your Adsense Cash Flow!.45

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Google bills those who win the bids and pay for advertising space. You then receive your payment based on the ads placed on your site and when/how often your site visitors are clicking on them.

Many people find it hard to believe that there is no fee for creating a Google AdSense account and allowing AdSense ads to be placed on your website. But the truth is, they only pay you when the ads are being clicked, so if you think about it, this method makes sense.

There is no need to pay them to advertise for others businesses. And in the same vein, they don’t pay you for simply placing the ads. There has to be positive activity in order for it to work on either end of the spectrum. The advertisers decide how much they are willing to pay for their ads (to be explored in Google AdWords) and you, as the one providing the advertising space, benefit from the ads’ effectiveness.

AdSense is also more than just advertising. With Google AdSense, you can choose to include one or all of their “products” as a way to increase your profit-earning potential through targeted advertising. For example, you can choose to place AdSense ads within your site (which are customizable and of course, targeted); you can also choose to include AdSense searches within your site (which help users and bring you a profit at the same time); or you can choose to place Google AdSense ads in your feeds. It’s up to you which, if not all, of these options you choose, but no matter how you look at it, Google AdSense just makes sense for business.

Remember, the more you take advantage of Google AdSense products, the more you will benefit from them!

How You Earn Money

Unlike the internet advertisements of old (largely banner ads, flashy boxes and annoying pop-ups), you earn money each and every time your site visitors click on a Google AdSense ad that is placed on or within your site. They do not have to purchase something in order for you to earn a commission. All they have to do is click!

You no longer have to worry about busy, distracting, (sometimes obnoxious) internet ads crowding up your site. Instead, Google AdSense ads are text ads, which are proven to have a much higher click-thru rate than traditional banner ads. And in fact, there is much more to it. Google AdSense makes making money easy!

If you are considering creating a Google AdSense account, here are some tips for success:

Tip #1: Build a site with a professional look, tone and feel.

Your business depends on the effectiveness of your website, so make sure it’s the best it can be from look and feel to messaging and ease of use. It’s important to also note that Google does NOT accept sites that are created using free domains, so be sure to register a unique domain through a reputable service.

Tip #2: Your site should include valuable content.

Your site should include language that is not only relevant to your target market, you’re your message should be enticing and provide valuable information. You want to convince your customers how valuable you are, not just hope they see it for themselves. On another note, Google will quickly recognize if your site is not legitimate, so be sure that your business is up and running to prove you are not just loading ads into your site to make money.

Tip #3: Work on driving traffic to your site.

Proper SEO techniques and keywords are absolutely critical when trying to top search engines. If you aren’t familiar with this process, be sure to learn more. It will serve you well moving forward. No matter what, driving traffic to your site is absolutely crucial for success.

Tip #4: Set up your Google AdSense account.

As previously noted, Google makes the entire process of setting up an AdSense account extremely user-friendly. They will walk you through the registration process and get you started with customizing and placing ads on your site in no time. They even offer valuable help tools and resources as you continue to grow and become more familiar with their products and services.

Tip #5: Network! Network! Network!

Nothing is better than word of mouth, so reach out to friends, family, peers, and colleagues to spread the word about your site. The more people who visit, the more people who will click on ads… and the more money you will make!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and grow your business. Build a quality site that looks and sounds great. Create a Google AdSense account and watch the money roll through the door… and the mailbox! You’ll be happy you did.

How AdSense Can Help You Earn Extra Cash

Advertising can be an extremely cost-effective way to grow your business… if it’s done well. After all, its very purpose is to let others know about who you are and what you do. The ultimate goal is to gain customers and increase revenue through attractive images, catchy slogans and hopefully, a quality product.

Whether you are a small business owner, Internet marketer, not-for-profit organization or large corporation, advertising is a very critical part of what you do.

There are many types of advertising to choose from, and depending on your business and your product, some advertising outlets may be more beneficial than others. From television to newspapers, billboards and radio, advertising opportunities have historically run the gamut from small and inexpensive, to large and exponentially costly.

The Internet, in all of its worldwide reaching glory, is the perfect place to advertise for almost any business, as you have the best chance of reaching the most people. And what’s more, you can target your market through multiple tactics, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords, and simply choosing when and where to place your ads. Much like you would choose which magazine to run your advertisement in, you can often choose which websites your ad will appear on, or which directories you will be listed in.

For Google customers, there are many options for advertising, including:

• Google AdWords for those looking to create ads/advertise
• Google AdSense for those looking to include targeted ads on their website(s) in order to earn money

Google’s advertising opportunities are perfect if you are looking to make money without investing a lot… if any cash up front. When a business chooses to place AdSense advertisements on their website, advertisers benefit from relevant and targeted placement, making sure their advertising only costs them money when it is actually working. What a novel idea, right? It makes so much sense, yet often, advertising does NOT work this way.

Google will only charge an advertiser when their ads are being clicked. Every time a web user clicks on a Google AdSense ad, the website owner who placed it there receives a commission and the advertiser is charged for the click. It’s one, big interconnected web of logical advertising that benefits everyone involved.

So, how is Google AdSense good for advertisers? It’s a simple advertising solution. It’s effective. It allows for maximum exposure to a targeted audience who are inherently ingratiated toward your product and/or service. And the bottom line is that it really does work! Most importantly, it helps us all increase sales and ultimately, make more money.

For advertisers, of course you pay for your ads (but an extremely low fee) but the benefit of increasing visibility and gaining new customers from those ads far outweighs the minimal cost. Afterall, that is the very purpose of your advertising in the first place, isn’t it? So take advantage of this extremely cost-effective advertising outlet and let Google AdSense help you along your journey to growing your business and your revenue stream!

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