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Development of the Self, Voice and Mind: The Female Secrets

The book entitled “Women’s Way of Knowing” has received a lot of attention. This book delves into the minds of women and brings to light the way they think and assimilate knowledge. One-Hundred Thirty Five interviews were conducted asking women about their gender, relationships, the ways they acquire learning and their principles and morals. The writers of the book then formulated a theory that there are five types of knowing. In these types, women based the way they perceive themselves add their approach to other people and the community. The interviewers managed to see that the way women think about knowledge and education has an effect on self-perception.

In the book, foremost in the ways of knowing is silence. In this way of knowing, a woman may blindly trust and believe in any authority figure. She acknowledges that she falls in a stereotype and she inevitably has difficulty figuring herself out. Many of the women have been silenced into believing that they and their voice do not count. They are led to believe that they are secondary citizens and they should keep their opinions to themselves. They are also brainwashed into thinking that they have no right even to form an opinion much less voice it out. These kinds of women have been suppressed by either their families, when they were children, and by the men in their lives, as grown ups. Most likely, they have a passive personality, which just accepts the word of these people as truth.

Received knowledge is at what time the learning is gleaned from listening to other people. The women who are in this way of knowing have no self-respect or do not have the confidence to back their ideas and views. They believe in what they hear and what they read from books as the truth. They are incapable of trusting themselves to reach an opinion.

Next is subjective knowledge. Women who function with this way of thinking, respects her own views and acknowledges that she is an individual with her own mind. Oftentimes, these women are very stubborn with their points of view and ideas. This type of woman has gotten it into her head that she is better than most men and she has a difficult time relating or understanding the way men think. This information is politically incorrect, as we note biblical women with subjective knowledge and not one of these women were haughty.

Procedural knowledge is often defined as the voice of reason. Women in this way of knowing are more levelheaded and have a clear grasp of their capabilities and strengths. This way of knowing is defined into two parts, connected and separated. In the connected part of this way of knowing, women are connected to each other and they often dissect or analyze a subject matter with the help of others. They can have discussions and share facts and ideas regarding the subject matter in a peaceful fun gathering. They share tidbits of information or truths to form a larger truth. The people in this way of knowing have respect for each other and they act more like friends gossiping than adversaries trying to outdo each other maliciously.

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