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The first thing you need to do is to try and go to bed at a more consistent time. This makes a massive difference because it allows the body to get into a rhythm. And you know what? You mustn’t break this routine too much at the weekend.

Another tip is to avoid using your phone just before bed. Try to take half an hour as a break away from screens and technology and your body will be more ‘ready’ for sleep.

If you still struggle then a great little hack is to take a magnesium threonate supplement. This is a natural mineral that encourages sleep, relaxes the muscles and promotes brain plasticity so that you will learn better and your brain will grow new connections.

3. Practice No Fap

This is a controversial thing to include on this list but let’s be honest: if you are going to become the most successful and effective version of you then that does not involve spending hours each week watching seedy videos of women and pleasuring yourself.

Not only is this a huge waste of time, it is also simply addictive and can badly mess up your dopaminergic system. Dopamine is produced during goal oriented behavior and it will reinforce whatever behavior you engage in. Porn creates a huge release of dopamine that can only otherwise be achieved through drug use. As such, it can damage the brain’s ability to stay motivated and focused and leave you with impaired motivation.

But more than anything else, no fap trains you in discipline. If you can break this one extreme habit, then you are demonstrating an ability to do nearly anything. Imagine what other goals you could accomplish. Imagine what else you could achieve! Perhaps it is for these reasons that many people on the No Fap Reddit report that they feel more alive, more energetic and much more driven once they practice no fap – and that they accomplish much more as a result.

4. Get Into Shape

If you want to get the most from your mind, then you need to start focusing more on your body. Exercise and using your body is fantastic for empowering your brain matter and helping you boost your mood, your drive and your pure mental computational power. Of course it will also make you appear more attractive, more successful and more confident – all things that can help you to get what you want from life.

Using any training program above will help you to tone and build muscle, lose weight and improve your fitness but some training methods are better than others. This is where HIIT workouts can be useful. These are ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ workouts – meaning that you will be alternating between periods of intensive output (running at maximum sped for example for around 1 minute) and periods of active recovery (jogging at 70% for 2-3 minutes). This form of training has a profound impact on the body by forcing you to utilize different energy systems and thereby training your ability to more efficiently access energy stored in your cells. It then creates an ‘energy deficit’ by depleting glycogen that your body will continue to burn throughout the rest of the day.

HIIT can make you more energy efficient and increase the mitochondria in your cells so that you constantly have higher energy levels and an improved mood. It also burns more fat than any other form of exercise…

5. Be More Active

BUT HITT is also absolutely brutal. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that HIIT is the ‘easy option’ because it is shorter than steady state cardio in terms of the time you need to put in. This is very much a mistake however as HIIT is so intense that it will be a huge challenge for most people to complete.

Not only that, but being inactive for the majority of the day and then just adding an hour of exercise on at the end is not enough to improve your overall health and fitness. Instead, you should be focusing on how you are going to increase your overall activity so that you sleep better, so that your metabolism speeds up and so that you are generally healthier.

So, for most people, the best way to start losing more weight will be to walk more. Steady state cardio like this has its benefits too: it is perfect for increasing the capacity of your left ventricle and thereby helping you to reduce your ‘resting heart rate’. A lower resting heart rate is an indicator of good health and means you will experience lower stress throughout the day.

Walking is particularly good because it does not cannibalize muscle and because it is low-intensity enough that you can do it regularly. It’s also very practical and can be worked into your routine, whether that means you walk to work or you just walk to the shops a little more often and use the car less. Try wearing a fitness tracker in order to monitor your progress in this regard.

If you can find an opportunity in your routine to walk 40 minutes a day, then you could easily expect this to burn 300 extra calories. That’s not a lot but the difference with walking (as compared with running) is that you can then do this again immediately the next day. And the next day.

Over a week, you’ve now burned an additional 2,100 calories – which is essentially an entire day’s worth of eating!

Another way to get more exercise into your regime is to take up a class of some sort. For many people who struggle to lose weight and tone up, starting martial arts or perhaps dancing is often the very best thing they can do. This provides much more incentive to move intensely regularly and makes the process of exercising fun and social.

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