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What is Aging Process

The process of becoming older is called aging process. All the living things have to pass through this stage before death. The time of the aging process is different in all the living things. In human beings this process usually starts after forties. Skin is the part of the body that shows this aging prior to all other parts. Similarly, many other human organs also become weak with this process. Thought, reasoning, eyesight, memory, hearing, and many other body systems get weaker.

We can also define aging as the collection of changes that bring human beings close to death. This means that aging is directly related with mortality rate in human beings and many other species. The mortality rate increases with the increase in age. This is because the functioning of all the parts of the body comes to sub optimal level with increasing age. The scientific study of the process also shows that with increasing age, the production of useless cells in the body increase.

Signs of Aging

Aging shows various signs in the body. One of the largest signs of aging is the dull and dry skin. Our skin produces oils naturally. These oils keep our skin fresh and tight. The increasing age tends to slow down the process of secretion of oils from the skin. As a result, the skin becomes dull and dry. The elasticity in the skin also increases and this becomes the first sign of aging. The other systems of the body also become slow and weak.

Apart from skin, aging shows negative effects on brainy processes like reasoning, memory, and thoughts. Eyesight also becomes a lot weak with increasing age. Aging seems surprising in the start and you began to wonder what is happening with your skin. You also start thinking about your diet and notice no particular change in diet. In spite of taking usual diet, and without any change in your daily routine, the aging process still continues.

Ways to Reverse Aging Process

Human beings always remain conscious about this aging process. They have always been trying to slow down or stop the process since ages. They have tried various options to slow down the process. The scientific study of the aging process shows that it is deeply related with DNA. This means that the aging process can be slowed down by protecting this DNA from aggressors both from outside and inside the body.

The researchers have carved out some ways to slow down this aging process by protecting DNA. The first and the most important way to protect your DNA and slow down the aging process is to eat balanced and healthy diet. One of the largest reasons of deterioration of DNA and body cells is eating unbalanced diet. Nowadays, people prefer to eat processed foods and soft drinks that are harmful for body. You should have to change your eating habits to remain healthy and slow down the aging process.

Another way to slow down the aging process is to take regular exercises. Regular exercises help the body in digestion of foods and also power the immune system. Also, your positive attitude plays a vital role in keeping you young and reverses the aging process. This shows that these three factors are important to slow down and reverse the aging process. The most important of these factors is eating balanced diet.

Role of Superfoods in Reversing Aging Process

Eating superfoods is a key to slow down and reverse the aging process. The superfoods are the foods that have balanced ingredients. These foods provide the body with enough proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and other components that prove helpful in strengthening the cells in the body. Eating these healthy foods also slows down the deterioration of the cells in the body. As a result the production of useless cells in the body stops. This keeps the body in a better working position.

Although there is no criterion to grade the food as superfood, yet the foods that are nutritiously dense are called superfoods. Eating these foods keeps the body healthy. The researchers say that if you want to reverse or slow down the aging process, you’ll have to develop good eating habits in yourself. They have also listed some foods as the superfoods and said that eating these foods may either slow down or reverse the aging process. These foods are:

Green Foods

One of the most important kinds of foods that are proved effects in slowing and reversing the aging process is the green food. When we talk of green foods, we are referring to leafy vegetables and cereals. The green cereals may include barley and wheat grasses that have great nutritional effects. The green leafy vegetables are rich in phytonutrients.

Some leafy vegetables are also rich with multivitamins. For example, spinach is rich with vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta carotene and proves effective in slowing the aging process. There are also some such vegetables that help you protect from the UV rays of the sun. These veggies keep your skin soft and fresh. Most of these veggies can be eaten in many ways.

You can eat these as salads, drink their juice, and can cook these. The veggies like cucumber are used as a mask on the face. This helps the skin to produce natural oil and keep it soft. You can also take many vegetables in the form of soups.

Broccoli, spinach, kale, and mustard green are also known for keeping the skin hydrated and save it from becoming dull and dry. The vegetables are also famous for their antioxidant properties. The researchers say that drinking juice of leafy green vegetables is like drinking multivitamins filled with antioxidants.
You can also add sugar to increase the taste of certain veggies and make these eatable. The green leafy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and Brussels also help the body to detoxify through the chemicals in these. This detoxification decreases the chances of cancer in human beings.

Almost all the vegetables are categorized as superfoods because these are rich of minerals, vitamins, and other useful ingredients. Regular eating of any of these may reverse the effects of aging on your skin.

Here, one thing regretting is that the vegetables you are using are sprayed with various poisonous chemicals. The water being supplied to these is also not pure. This has changed the nutritional values of the leafy vegetables. These are proving more harmful than advantageous.

To overcome this problem, you have to change the growing methods of the vegetables. Always try to provide these a natural environment without using chemicals. Supply of pure water must be ensured.

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