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Initiative is sometimes the issue for people and why they look to these kinds of applications. With this app, establishing yourself takes time and much effort. Additionally, the reward you receive isn’t highly noticeable with this app.

Without a doubt, this app has an elegantly high success rate, but not everyone seems to be satisfied with how it helps. Instead, some people find it a nuisance never seeing any results after listening to themselves over and over.


For an independent person looking for confidence when in need, this is the right app. It helps establish daily goals and a steadier, more positive attitude. Listening to your own reassuring voice convinces you why you can achieve the impossible and making dreams a reality, really isn’t as crazy as it may sound.

With the help of your ThinkUp app, plans will seem closer at hand than they used to be. If you feel sad, disheartened or distraught, ThinkUp keeps your better half remind you why you can do great things, not the other way around.

When considering a motivational app for your device, ThinkUp is definitely one to try out. It’s easy, consoling and has been proven effective multiple times by many people. It’s an app that can help you through very tough times.

App 2 – Motivate: Daily Motivation

Motivate lives up to its name for motivation is all it has to offer. With readymade videos filled to the brim with confidence, playlists to alleviate your spirit, and notifications to keep you up to date, this is the app for any busy life.

Motivate offers videos to keep you upright and lifted, ensuring that you stay positive and certain with your choices. These videos are from professionals who work to make you more motivated. With a video fit for as many situations as possible, you can find the perfect way to kick start your engine.

Playlists are also available for people who’d rather listen than watch. With spiriting music and strong-willed voices, you’ll be running with a crowd cheering behind you all the time. You can schedule notifications to remind of all your daily tasks so nothing gets left behind while you work through the day.


What makes this such an amazing app for motivation are the dedicated videos installed for daily use. All day and every day you can be lifted with new videos of people reaching out to help.

This makes for great support for introverts and extroverts alike. As extroverts are comfortable with listening to others, any voice can prove a helpful one without you realizing it. Introverts, on the other hand, won’t ask for help even if they do need it. Being able to access professional help without leaving their comfort zone offers them the opportunity to develop confidence while remaining relaxed.

This app can also cover all of your reminders by notifying you at specific times in the day. Whenever you need to get something done, you have Motivate to remind you it’s time to do so. As long as your device is on you, you’ll have a voice in the back of your head, or pocket, to guide you.


This app doesn’t offer any results. It proves to be a terrific push whenever you need one, but when it comes to showing you the results of your progress, there’s nothing to offer. Without a specific result, some people aren’t as motivated as they could be and instead feel they aren’t gaining anything.

The motivational speeches are impressive, but any truly disheartened person won’t budge until they see what they’re capable of accomplishing. Motivate can get you up on your feet but never show you just how you did afterward.

It’s also time-consuming to watch videos each time you feel de-motivated. Some people won’t ever find the time to sit down and listen to a video telling them why and how they should strive. So when it comes to convenience, this app isn’t light on applying weight to your schedule. You have to take a considerable amount of time out for this app.


This app is great for an active optimist. Most people would love to listen to a motivational speech. There’s much emotion and possibility to gain from just listening to a passionate person. Passion and ambition are two very contagious sentiments and when you find someone with enough of both, you’ll develop them for yourself.

Motivate can be compared to an impassioned friend. Whenever you feel as though you’ve reached a mind block, you can always consult with Motivate for a push in the right direction. Having a daily dose of motivation makes you feel more confident, happier and exhilarated.

App 3 – Habitica: Gamify your Tasks

This app is truly a gem for those who don’t like taking everything so seriously. Whoever decided that turning your life into a game was a good idea is a genius. Habitica transforms your daily tasks and long-term goals into achievements and rewards inside of your miniature gaming dimension.

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