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In some cases, a person may require surgery. This next set of tips will explain some of these surgeries.

40. SDR

One of the treatments for cerebral palsy is Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). SDR provided permanent reduction of spasticity in cerebral palsy. The operation consists of cutting the dorsal roots in the spine. This results in reducing spasticity.

41. Tenotomony

Tenotomy is a procedure of cutting an affected tendon or muscle. Tenotomy is used to treat spasticity in cerebral palsy patients. This surgery helps in serious cases of cerebral palsy where the possibility of further damage is a big possibility.

42. Botox

Botox A injections are types of surgeries given to cerebral palsy patients. These injections can be effective in calming overactive muscles. These injections especially help with muscles in the upper body, arms, legs, and “tiptoe walking,” which is common with and leg spasticity.

43. Heel Cord

A lot of times, children with cerebral palsy walk on their toes. This is because of tight heel cords. Surgery can help correct it by lengthening the tendon. It can also help the patient to better learn to walk, and to improve balance.


This last set of tips will go over some things that parents of children with CP can do to give you both a better quality of life.

44. Research

Do your research. New treatments are being discovered every day to help children with cerebral palsy. Use the internet to keep yourself abreast of new options that become available.

45. Have Fun

Have fun with your child. Do all the things you would do with a non-disabled child. It’s important that he has all the childhood experiences that he can.

46. Hope

Always have hope. Don’t let you or your child get discouraged. When new problems arise, try and deal with them head on.

47. Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Taking care of a child with a disability can be very challenging and sometimes draining. Reach out to family, friends, and neighbors for help and respite.

48. Learn to Adapt

Help your child learn to adapt to his disability. Get creative, and help him to be as independent as he can. This will boost his self esteem, and make him try even harder.

49. Don’t Push

It’s important not to push your child. Let him go at his own pace, which will probably vary as he grows. It’s also important to let him know you support him, no matter what.

50. Don’t Make CP Your Life

While research, doctor visits, therapy are all important, don’t let CP define you or your child’s life. Have “normal” days where you just let him be a kid.

51. Set Goals

Though you shouldn’t push your child, it is important to set goals. When he’s old enough, sit down with him and set some very reachable goals. Then be sure to celebrate every achievement with him.

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