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Connecting With Your Grandchildren On The Internet

There is a myth that grandparents are afraid to use computers, but that is not the case. While some may be hesitant at first, once they understand how easy it is to contact their grandchildren online, that hesitancy rapidly disappears. Did you know that some people say that senior citizens are one of the fastest growing groups of internet users?

Computer operating systems continue to become more and more user friendly, which simplifies the learning curve for even the novice user. But more important than that, grandparents who use the internet to connect with their grandchildren who are far away, come to love this new form of communication which is instant, affordable, and is often the preferred communication tool for many grandchildren.

In this short audio today we will look at three main ways you can use to keep in touch with YOUR grandkids.

1. Email. The nice thing about email is how easy it is to use, and the fact that it is free. You should get an email address when you sign up for your Internet service, plus there are many free email providers. Email is best used for sending photographs, virtual greeting cards, and writing letters. While it is not the same as putting pen to paper, the messages can still be just as well-thought out, but they’ll arrive in only seconds after you have hit the SEND button.

2. Instant messaging (also called private chat). This is a way to type messages in real time that are answered in the same way. Both parties need to have compatible instant messaging software installed on their computer for it to work. It sounds more complicated than it is. You can download a messenger for free right from a website, and can have it up and running few minutes later. If you like the idea of a written conversation then instant messaging is a

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