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6 – Sesame Street

The characters on Sesame Street have been educating and entertaining children for decades. Their bright colors and vivid textures even aid in motor development in children! To make a Sesame Street theme, get a stuffed animal of each character. On the other hand, if you have a lot of talent, paint them on the walls imitating a scene from Sesame Street.


The alphabet will be drilled into their heads as a preschooler, but in the infant years, they can enjoy the pretty pictures of the letters coupled with animals or other objects. A letter theme can be easily carried from the bedding to the walls with wallpaper or a paintbrush. Make posters or paint large letters and spread them all around the room. Add words to the letters or leave them how they are – baby will learn them quickly and easily from seeing them everyday.

8 – Jungle

This is a theme you can go wild with! Use an artificial or painted tree in the corner of the room. Paint or hang jungle stuffed animals in the tree and surrounding area to make a vivid picture. Little feather butterflies from the craft store can be nailed to the ceiling and walls. Other bugs and jungle references can be painted around the room or hung up on posters.

9 – Farm

Old McDonald had a farm…EIEI…O. Every child loves the song and the images that go along with the farm. Bedding and wallpaper usually have many options depicting farm life for you to choose from. If you can’t find one you like, find the trusty paintbrush and create your own décor. One wall can be painted red to simulate a barn with open stall doors with animal head peering over the top. If that’s too artistic for you, buy toy tractors and stuffed animals and place them around the room with farm posters.

10 – Baby Animals

If you want animals, but don’t want to commit to a farm or jungle theme, use baby animals. That way, you can use any animal from any continent or climate. From polar bears to kangaroos – you can use a baby version of it. There are usually many styles of wallpaper with baby animals to pick from. The bedding may or may not correspond, but a neutral shade will coordinate just fine. Use posters to add a realistic touch or stuffed animals to make it a whimsy room.

11 – Sea

Life is better, down where it’s wetter…is from the Little Mermaid. Your baby may love to be under the sea, so come up with a nautical room. Sea animal themes can be found in wallpaper and decorations. Use blue bedding to simulate water, regardless if you have a boy or a girl. Hang posters of animals found in the sea and buy stuffed animals to match. If you feel very creative, or have a friend who is, paint a mural along the walls of swimming fish, starfish and underwater creatures.

12 – Pink or Blue?

These themes are traditionally used for either a boy or a girl. However, with today’s modern thinking, some lines are being crossed and any theme can be used for anybody, it all depends on what you want!

13 – Sports

Sports themes are traditionally saved for a boy’s room. With a sports theme, one sport can be focused on or it can envelop a medley of equipment. Bedding and wallpaper can contain footballs, baseballs and basketballs. Or you could paint an infield on the floor and only hang major league teams on the wall. You can even take sports one step further and use all of the teams from a particular city or state. Love Detroit – use the Lions, Pistons and Redwings logos to decorate.

14 – Cars

Cars are another fond passion for many a man. The love starts early, and even from the crib for some! Cars can be grouped into an automotive theme or one that uses any kind of vehicle with four tires and is cool. Posters, paintings on the wall and wallpaper are all ways to flesh out this theme. Add a collection of hot wheel cars, placed up out of baby’s reach, can add to the car feel.

15 – Western

Western themes invoke cowboys and images of horses and cattle ranches. Paint the walls a shade of beige and add things that would be on a ranch in the west with a stencil. Items may be a mini-lariat, a cow, a horse, or even a Sheriff star. Place them randomly over the wall or in a pattern. Bedding and wallpaper can coordinate or just be a different hue than the paint. After all, the West was full of dirt.

16 – Frogs

Frogs and toads, that’s what little boys are made of comes to mind when thinking about boys. A baby boy might grow up playing in the pond or ditch and find that frogs are his best friend. Start his love off early with a frog themed room. Specialty wallpaper and stencils can decorate walls and stuffed animals can give it character. Bringing real frogs is a little extreme, but could even be done if you so desired.

17 – Garden

A garden full of flowers would be perfect for a baby girl’s room. Wallpaper made to look like a garden is available or you can paint your own. Make the bottom half of the room green and a lighter color for the top. Add silk flowers or save the garden until you can make the flowers with your baby’s handprint. Make sure to add bees, bugs and birds, whether they are the painted form or stuffed animal form.

18 – Princess

Most little girls dream of being a princess at one point in their lives. Mothers like to carry this on for their daughters and make a castle out of the nursery. The theme can carry over to bedding and wallpaper or just with a few simples pictures hung on the wall. Paint a castle tower on one wall or a scene from inside the castle. Find a tiara and use it in a shadow box or on a shelf as a knick-knack. Who knows, it may be used in future costumes or during beauty pageants.

19 – Tree House

A tree house used to be a boy club thing, but girls are getting in to them know too. So, if you want to draw a tree house in your baby nursery, adapt it to your child. Make it a girl’s only or boy’s only hangout. Paint branches on the wall and what might be inside a tree house for your baby girl or boy to paint n the wall. Place animals that might be found in a tree around the room on shelves or in the toy box.

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