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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – What Is New With The 3G    3
Chapter 2 – What Are I-Phone Applications    5
Chapter 3 – How To Create I-Phone Applications    6
Chapter 4 – Working With Someone Else    8
Chapter 5 – Making Money With Ads    10
Chapter 6 – Using An Apple Account    12
Chapter 7 – Copywriting Software    14
Chapter 8 – Building A Brand    16
Chapter 9 – Creating Custom Applications For the I-Phone    18
Chapter 10 – Other Methods Of Application Distribution    20
Chapter 11 – How To Market You 3G I-Phone Applications    22
Chapter 12 – Follow The Trends And Do Your Homework    26

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Chapter 1 – What Is New With The 3G

The I-Phone 3G is the third generation of the I-Phone, the technological wonder made by Apple that some say will soon replace the laptop.  Unlike traditional cell phones, the I-Phone is used for much, much more.  It is a gateway to the internet.  When you use the I-Phone, you can get music, videos, answer emails, play games and chat, to name a few things.  There are hundreds of I-Phone applications available for this product.

Most people who have the I-Phone 3G are very happy to add to their I-phone applications.  They are constantly looking for new applications that they can use and even share with friends.  These can be anything from a game, a quiz, sending virtual gifts to friends, videos, music and more.  Those who have some type of computer knowledge, or are able to follow software direction to create applications for the I-Phone can make a decent amount of money with selling I-Phone applications.  This can even occur online, right on the Apple site.

If you are not familiar the I-Phone 3G, take a look at it.  You can use the touch screen to get to wherever you want to go online.  You can even use this device for GPS tracking, if you have the necessary applications.  Some of new features of the 3G I-Phone include:

More initial applications
Better graphics
Touch screen capability
Better sound

The 3G is the latest of the I-Phone generations.  Many of the applications that were made for older I-Phones are still used in this newest version.  Apple usually makes products that can be used for long periods of time and do not require constant updates.  Applications that you create for the 3G I-Phones will also most likely be used with newer generations of this product.

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