365 Days Of Motivation MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction …5
Chapter 2: Motivational Tips on Listening ….6
Chapter 3: Conversations and Storytelling …8
Chapter 4: Living a Life of Truthfulness and Transparency 11
Chapter 5: Cooperation and Teamwork …..16
Chapter 6: The Beauty Of An Open Mind …18
Chapter 7: Versatility ….20
Chapter 8: Burning Passion 22
Chapter 9: Delight, Surprise, and Happiness …24
Chapter 10: Simplicity …25
Chapter 11: Gratitude …27
Chapter 12: Kindness …29
Chapter 13: Humility and Reserve ..30
Chapter 14: The Act of Giving ..32
Chapter 15: Persistence is Omnipotent 34
Chapter 16: Be Inspired Everyday ..36
Chapter 17: Live Life ….38
Chapter 18: Unconditional Love …..41
Chapter 19: Accepting Change 42
Chapter 20: The Art Of Letting Go ..45
Chapter 21: Family Matters 47
Chapter 22: Courage and Strength Are Vital ….49
Chapter 23: Becoming A True Leader ..52
Chapter 24: Building Your Legacy ..54
Chapter 25: Strive To Succeed 55

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Living our daily lives can be as easy as taking in a breath of air or as hard as climbing a mountain’s summit.

There are things that can bring us down and lift us up. Even our own family can fill us up with anger or enlighten us with joy and happiness. Regardless of what stature you have in life, you will always need someone, something, or anything that can help you get through each day. Some people find relief in God, family, companions, dreams and ambitions.

Living a fruitful life is living it with meaning. Finding that meaning can be a lifelong journey and along the way you may need words of wisdom that will guide you through the right path. Words that will let you overcome the struggles that come along with what life has to offer us.

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