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1. Introduction 9
1.1. Fundamentals 1. 10
1.2. So How Do Your Actually Make Money? 12
1.3. Fundamentals 2. 13
1.4. Here are 50 Ways To Vastly Increase Your Subscribers. 14
1.5. Fundamentals 3. 18
1.6. Fundamentals 4. 19
1.7. Fundamentals 5. 20
1.8. Fundamentals 6. 21
1.9. And One Final Point. 21
1.10. So How Can This Ebook Help? 23
2. Blue Print 1. The Affiliate System 25
2.1. There Are 3 Major Affiliate Problems 25
2.2. So How Do You Actually Make Cash With A System That
Everyone Is Using? 26
2.3. So What Are The Best Affiliate Sites That Are Music Related? 29
2.4. An 8 Step Plan For A Quick, Free And Easy Money Making
Venture. 31
3. Blue Print 2. Offer Atmospheric Music 33
3.1. That Is Where Most People Go Spectacularly Wrong. 34
3.2. Set Up Our Affiliate Network To Make Cash. 35
Money Making Music BluePrints 3
4. BluePrint 3. Sample Library 36
4.1. We Need To Do This Right. 37
4.2. The Good And The Bad. 38
4.3. Now, Where Do You Make The Money? 39
5. Blue Print 4. Ringtones. 40
5.1. The 4 Step Plan. 40
5.2. Stage 1- Enjoy/ Collect And Hang Around With People Who Enjoy
Tones. 40
5.3. Stage 2- Find Out What Tones Are Selling Well. 41
5.4. Stage 3- The Marketing Part. 41
5.5. Stage 4- How To Increase Your Income By 100%+. 43
6. Blue Print 5. Become A Resource For Technical Eqiupment.
6.1. So What Could Your Site Look Like? 44
6.2. 2nd Tier Pages- The Search Engine Friendly Pages. 45
6.3. Major Income Generator. 46
7. Blue Print 6. Sell Google Adwords. 47
7.1. 6 “Please Do’s” About Adwords. 47
7.2. Do You Want To Know Some Exclusive Google Adwords Stats
Now? 49
8. Blue Print 7. Set Up Local Businesses On The Internet. 51
8.1. Evidence Sells. 51
Money Making Music BluePrints 4
8.2. An Easy Business Opportunity. 52
8.3. You Have To Sell the Selling Points. 52
9. Blue Print 8. Sell Commercially Free Music. 53
9.1. No If’s Or But’s…Quality Sells. 54
9.2. How Do We Make Money From This. 54
10. Blue Print 9. Set Up A Local Directory For Local Groups 55
10.1. Where Do We Get Our Money From? 56
11. Blue Print 10. Become A Membership Site For Specific
Music Genres. 57
11.1. Why They Would Be Mad Not To Miss It. 58
11.2. And Where Do We Make Our Money? 59
12. Blue Print 11. Become A Resource For Music Software. 59
12.1. Off-Line Technique. 60
13. Blue Print 12. Profile Artists. 61
13.1. The Goldmine Technique. 61
13.2. How To Miss Out On Loads Of Sales. 62
13.3. The Start Of A Brand. 63
13.4. The Quickest 10 Point List You Will Ever Find On How To Build
And Sell Your Own Ebook. 64
Money Making Music BluePrints 5
13.5. 50 Ways To Rapidly Sell Any Info Product. 65
14. Blue Print 13. Flash Apps for Music. 69
14.1. The Missing Niche. 69
15. Blue Print 14. PLR- Private Label Rights. 70
15.1. The Truth. 70
15.2. Make Tons Of Cash Doing It The Right Way. 71
15.3. Buying PLR- Four Main Tips To Do. 72
15.4. Selling PLR- Four Main Tips To Do. 72
16. Blue Print 15. Cafe Press- Part 2. 73
16.1. What Can We Do? 74
16.2. Adapting The Idea. 74
17. Blue Print 16. Sell Sound How- To’s. 75
17.1. Easy Money Maker. 75
18. Blue Print 17. Sell Music Outlines. 77
18.1. Only One Person Is Doing This. 77
19. Blue Print 18. MySpace. 78
19.1. The Open Window Opportunity. 78
Money Making Music BluePrints 6
20. Blue Print 19. Jobs. 80
20.1. Very Lucrative. 80
20.2. Now What? 81
21. Blue Print 20. Become A Music Marketer. 82
21.1 Don’t Become A Music Marketer. 82
21.2. You Can Make Money By Selling This Information. 83
21.3. Make Money From This Ebook (Without Being An Affiliate). 83
22. Additional Resources. 85

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1.0. Introduction

I feel so sorry for musicians. They seem to get bounced around with people taking a good fair slice of their profit pie.

Many people have tried to think up ways of making money with a music site. However they have been floored from the outset. Their complete mindset, their complete direction and (I have to say it) their complete lack of understanding has made them fail before they have even started. Then look at what happens:

“That technique doesn’t work, it is rubbish…I give up. I did try it out though.”

And then they pay some 3rd party more hosting fees, signup fees and they are barely scraping by.

This is not what needs to be done. The Internet is such a cool medium for the musicians.


Because everyone who accesses it has a computer and information can easily be spread from one computer to another electronically.

With music in MP3 format there are no shipping fees, technically no development fees (especially if you make tunes in your spare time). Basically it is like an ebook…and that industry has exploded. So the question has to be asked:


The simple reason is that it takes time and money to test new ideas. It takes time and money to see what works within your specific niche. Also musicians have been a neglected area of the Internet.

Sure there are many promotion sites, many tools to make music, many audio editing programs, but ultimately they are all around the musician buying up a service or subscribing to one.

I foresee that the musician can do without a lot of these services, and the stark message is that the musician can make a whole bundle of cash for themselves by actually doing it themselves.

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