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Introduction to Press Releases

The press release is one of the most powerful promotional tools there is. With smart distribution, a press release could get your business lots of publicity.

A press release is simply a newsworthy story about you or your business. Reporters might want to print your press release or they may be interested in interviewing to assist in a story they are working on. Why Do Press Releases Still Work?

Press releases have been around since the early 1900s. With newspaper readership on the decline, you might think that the press release’s heyday has come and gone. But in reality, the increased speed at which information travels online has made press releases more useful than ever.

Editors of offline publications are busy people. They spend a great deal of time searching for news stories and assigning journalists to write them. Press releases can save them time by alerting them to potential news stories. And if they are written properly, they can be published as-is. This is especially helpful if they have page space to fill on a tight deadline.

Those who edit online publications also have tight schedules. If they receive a good press release via email, they can simply cut and paste for an instant story. Even if they decide to add to it, most of the work is already done for them.

Many bloggers like press releases, too. Mainstream bloggers use press releases in the same way as media professionals. Personal and part-time bloggers often use them when they’re short on time but still want to give their readers content on a regular basis.

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