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Part 1: Keyword Research

If you’re looking for a way to increase to your traffic within a short period of time the first thing you should do is focus on low competition keywords can increase your traffic as long as you submit articles to Ezine with your keywords throughout the article.

The great thing about article marketing and social bookmarking is that no matter what niche you’re in, there are always a huge number of long tail keywords you can use to bring traffic to your site with some pretty basic search engine optimization techniques. First we need to perform some keyword research to find those long tail keywords that will bring in targeted visitors.

The best way to do keyword research is with the Adwords Keyword Tool:


Type in the main keyword for your niche. How do you find that keyword? If your niche is dog training, you’d enter not dog training but “stop dog barking” or “puppy house training” or some other bad behavior you’d want to eliminate or prevent when you have a dog. You want to type in long tail keywords as those are not only easier keywords to rank for but they also provided more targeted visitors to your product or service.

You’ll get a long list of keywords related to these keywords. Your goal is to pick some keywords from this list so you can create some content around them and get easily ranked in the search engines.

You want to pick some words that have between 500 and 5,000 searches per month. These are guidelines and general rules of thumb- not absolutes. Feel free to target less or more searches per month.

Once you’ve picked a low competition keyword you think you wan to target click on the link at the top called “advertiser competition” twice, so it sorts that list with the less competitive keywords at the top and more competitive keywords at the bottom so you won’t have to waste time filtering through competition rankings.

|Sidenote: There’s a bit of difference on the subject of doing keyword research with or without quotes and going after keywords with a low number of competing pages but my personal opinion is it doesn’t matter if there are 5,000 or 50,000 competing pages as we are trying for the first page and after the first 10 competing pages the issue of the other competing pages becomes irrelevant.|

Scroll through the column to see which keywords have the lowest competition and high levels of searches.

|Sidenote: we’re not using the “competition” tab in Google to analyze real competition because this refers to pay per click advertiser competition. I’d advise against buying any Adwords if you’re inexperienced with doing that as using free SEO methods is the best way to get targeted visitors and the focus of this guide|

You’ll notice during your research that some keywords under this tab seem to have more search volume than the others at that level of competition and should be researched more in depth.

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