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This ebook will give you 100 press release strategies. It includes many different types of press releases ideas and more specific newsworthy publicity stories. Getting publicity is a powerful, no cost way to generate tons of traffic and sales for your business.

1) A ‘launches/releases’ press release can accelerate your sales. You could compose a press release about launching a new product.
2) A ‘joint venture’ news story might acquire you more orders. You may make a news story related to joint venturing with a business.
3) An ‘earns/makes’ pr report could add to your business payments. You can write a pr report referring to earning a certain amount of money.
4) A ‘updates’ media statement will increase your wealth. You might create a media statement touching on a product that you updated.
5) A ‘changes’ press announcement should advance your riches. You could produce a press announcement dealing with changes to your business.
6) An ‘improves’ news broadcast would amass you more profits. You may manufacture a news broadcast referring to a famous client.
7) A ‘announces’ pr advertorial can amplify your earnings. You can publish a pr advertorial about announcing an upcoming media appearance.
8) A ‘conquer/beats’ media bulletin might assemble you extra money. You might draft a media bulletin connected to beating your business competition.
9) A ‘holds/conducts/hosts’ press article could attract new assets. You could market a press article relative to holding a contest or sweepstakes.
10) A ‘buys/orders’ news information will better your cash flow. You may record news information linked to buying new business equipment.
11) A ‘builds/constructs’ pr content should blossom your bank account. You can author pr content with reference to constructing a new business building.
12) A ‘starts’ media release would blow up your investments. You might broadcast a media release themed about starting a certain business.
13) A ‘removes’ press story can boast your deposits . You could formulate a press story on the subject of removing a part of business.
14) An ‘acquires/obtains’ news report might bolster your finances. You may invest in a news report in respect of acquiring a business’s/product’s rights.
15) A ‘overcomes’ pr statement could boost your funds. You can throw together a pr statement regarding you overcoming a business obstacle.
16) A ‘decreases/lowers’ media announcement will broaden your sales returns . You might develop a media announcement content about lowering a price.
17) A ‘reveals/exposes’ press broadcast should build up your bottom line. You could publicize a press broadcast pertaining to exposing a business trade secret.
18) An ‘assembles’ news advertorial would build up your income streams. You may circulate a news advertorial about the niche of assembling a product.
19) An ‘introduces’ pr bulletin can bulk up your capital. You can upload a pr bulletin the idea of introduces a new product/service/business.
20) A ‘broadcasts’ media article might increase your commissions. You might construct a media article about broadcasting a teleseminar.
21) A ‘swaps/trades’ press information could catapult your transactions. You could exhibit press information related to swapping advertising.
22) A ‘produces’ news content will construct you more money. You may design news content referring to producing a new product line.
23) A ‘discloses/shares’ pr release should bulk up your wallet. You can reveal a pr release touching on you disclosing a certain business practice.
24) A ‘purchases’ media story would deepen your pocket book. You might air a media story dealing with purchasing a different company.
25) A ‘helps’ press report can dig up extra dollars. You could organize a press report referring to you helping out the local community.
26) A ‘hires/appoints’ news statement might develop you some currency. You may syndicate a news statement about hiring a new employee.
27) A ‘stops/ceases’ pr announcement could dilate your financial numbers. You can script a pr announcement connected to stopping a part of your business.

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