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This ebook will give you 100 contest marketing secrets. A contest could even be called a challenge, competition, game, tournament, etc. Holding a contest is a powerful way to gain new prospects and customers. They will visit your web site, opt-in to your list, promote your products or any beneficial action that will help your business just for a chance to win a prize. Plus, if you make a copy of your product as the prize and they don’t win it, they may end up buying it later anyway. This ebook will give you tons of ideas for different types of contests and prizes.

1) Hold an affiliate contest. It could persuade people to join your membership site. You could use a dvd as the contest prize.
2) Host an essay challenge. It might convince prospects to opt-in to your list. You might give a cd to the contest winner.
3) Issue an article writing competition. It could influence visitors to visit your web site. You can grant an ebook as the contest reward.
4) Announce a product buying contest. It might trigger leads to open your direct mail. You may offer a book to the contest successor.
5) Create a product selling challenge. It could tempt people to sign up to your jv partner program. You could pick an ecourse as the contest award.
6) Market an audio creating competition. It might provoke prospects to give you their postal address. You might present an eclass to the contest champion.
7) Advertise a joke writing contest. It could arouse visitors to participate in your forum. You can name a booklet as the contest purse.
8) Promote a product titling challenge. It might attract leads to enlist in your affiliate program. You may award a forum to the contest prizewinner.
9) Formulate a graphics creating competition. It could bend people to type in their phone number. You could give a report as the contest trophy.
10) Construct a joint venturing contest. It might bribe prospects to subscribe to your ezine. You might supply a video course to the contest victor.
11) Set up a story telling challenge. It could bring visitors to reserve a spot in your live workshop. You can market a seminar as the contest payoff.
12) Make a poem writing competition. It might bring around leads to get your freebie. You may submit an ereport to the contest champ.
13) Design an auction bidding contest. It could motivate people to accept your deals. You could select a home study course as the contest bounty.
14) Release a presale contest challenge. It might cajole prospects to approve your offers. You might issue a webinar to the contest title holder.
15) Organize an investing competition. It could captivate visitors to enroll in your eclass. You can choose a workshop as the contest benefit.
16) Prepare a trivia contest. It might cause leads to register for your seminar. You may give a trade show ticket to first place in the contest.
17) Form a production challenge. It could charm people to buy your merchandise. You could advertise a newsletter as the contest gift.
18) Produce an object identifying competition. It might coach prospects to purchase your services. You might promote an ezine as the contest prize.
19) Develop an idea contest. It could coax visitors to order your products. You can offer a service to the contest winner.
20) Manage a finding/scavenger challenge. It might condition leads to invest in your high priced products. You may provide consulting as the contest reward.

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