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Which is healthy fatty foods and which is not?

Whole-food fats such as nuts, seeds, and avocado are satiating which helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Even though consuming fatty foods will make you fat, but carbohydrates and proteins will make you fat to a certain extent too. Moreover fatty foods such as coconut oil and fish oil provides variability in weight gain, but weight will increase when consume too much. Fat-laden products such as fast foods and snacks contain calories but a modest amount of consumption may help you feel full and consuming it with healthy foods, such as vegetables would even taste better. Additionally fats also helps with the absorption of certain vitamins and phytonutrients, which are compounds that are commonly found in plants that can help to improve our health.

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Moderation in consuming fatty foods

Overall fatty foods will not cause you to be fat unless you consume too much of it. Products which are fat free usually contain fats and higher sugar levels are something you need to keep an eye out too. Choose monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, found in liquid oils such as canola, safflower, and olive; most nuts; and fish. Most of these fatty foods do not increase blood cholesterol levels and instead reduces the risk cardiovascular diseases. Generally the fats that you need to avoid are saturated fats which can be found mainly in beef and dairy products. Fried fast foods and margarine are fatty products that you should keep away as well as they will severely increase the risk of heart disease.

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3. MYTH: Eating Carbohydrates Makes You Fat

FACT: Carbohydrates do not make you fat. Generally any meals you consume excessively that your body needs will result to gaining fat. Low-carbohydrates diets such as protein and fat as well as healthy vegetables are very efficient in helping with losing weight. Refined carbohydrates such as processed sugars from syrup and processed grains would lead to high blood sugar and insulin levels due to fact they have empty calories in it. So for those rice eaters out there, rejoice!

So how do I still end up fat?

Since consuming fatty foods does not technically make you fat, we would think that carbohydrates are root cause of it right? Bottom line is you would get fat if you do not have a conscious calorie restriction. Well if you have kept a low intake of carbohydrates and high protein intake you may just end up losing weight as you have so desired it. According to dietary experts, for carbohydrates to make a person fat, a poor diet plan mix in with the lack of exercise is what it takes it to change a person’s weight. All that said, a person will only gain weight if he/she consume more calories than they could burn.

Eat them at your own activity level and your sensitivity with the types of food. In simplest term don’t simply eat at will. Image from richardvancamp.org

What carbohydrates should I eat?

Now you must be asking yourself so how many carbohydrates should I eat then? Well carbohydrates sources can always be reserved for fruits and vegetables only. You could still opt for consuming other carbohydrate sources but you might be missing out on other nutritional benefits. But the key point is do not practice it in a long term basis and you will be doing fine. If you are gym elitist or a daily gym player, high carbohydrate intakes are the recommended source. People who regularly exercise, their body will be under the state of cyclical depletion and repletion of muscle glycogen stores. Due to that, starch carbohydrates are their main source of obtaining high-powered glucose molecules as they conduct hard training primarily weight lifting and muscle building.

The Good and the Bad Carbohydrates

There are various types of carbohydrates that could be beneficial but generally speaking, the benefits are varied depending on your diet intake plan. For instance people that exercise frequently will benefit from incorporating various types of carbohydrates into their diet plan. So what are the types of carbohydrates that you should limit your consumption? Corn syrup and refined sugar is one of the types of carbohydrate that you need severely limit yourself from consuming it as it could lead to insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity. Gluten-based starches such as wheat, rye and barley are carbohydrate based that could cause bloating, water retention, stubborn fat and lethargy, which you need to severely limit your consumption too. Due to the fact that gluten is a protein that can cause food sensitivity, it could cause bloating, water retention, stubborn fat and lethargy. Moreover your common typical cereal grains that contain “anti-nutrient” phytic acid could cause similar problems as well.

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4. MYTH: Drinking diet soda will help you lose weight

FACT: Diet Soda will severely affect your body and yes it does not help you out with losing weight but instead cause more harm than good. Instead of losing weight you gain more weight due to the side effects of insulin secretion. Moreover, you may find yourself diagnose with type 2 diabetes and various chronic diseases.

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