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can get from food. Choosing high-quality protein sources like milk, eggs, and soy is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure you’re getting enough protein to build muscle. Of course most supplements will help, but you don’t actually need them.

4. More Reps = More Muscle

Although it would make sense that the more repetitions you do in a set, the more muscle you will build, but this is actually a muscle-building myth. This common belief has people stuck at the gym for hours, doing as many reps and sets as they possibly can in order to gain more muscle mass. However, there are better ways they could be using their time.

Studies have shown that it’s actually muscle fiber activation that leads to the muscles increasing in size and strength. There are a few things that you can do to activate more muscle fibers. First of all, you want to focus on complex moves that involve more muscles. Secondly, lift more heavier weights rather than a lighter weight more often and you’ll soon see those muscles bulk up.

5. Variety is the Key to Muscle Building

When it comes to muscle-building, many people believe that you have to continue to spice up your routine and choose different exercises in order to continue building muscle. The idea is that once you’ve done a certain exercise for a while, you’ve done all that you can with that movement and now have to find another one to work that muscle from a different angle for more gains.

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! As long as the exercises you are choosing are good ones that engage a number of muscles and activate plenty of muscle fibers, they will continue to work for you. The other key is using proper form, and continuing to add weight to make the exercise more difficult, not doing a wide variety of exercises.

6. Crunches Will Zap Belly Fat

This myth goes beyond the idea that crunches will zap belly fat, as many people believe that targeting a certain muscle group will reduce fat in that area, whether it’s arms, legs, or even the chest. The idea is that the fat in the target area gets burned during exercise, and as the muscle gets worked, it “tightens” the area, causing you to look slimmer.

This myth exists because self-proclaimed fitness experts don’t know how the body actually works. What they miss is the fact that as calories are burned during a workout, they are first pulled from sugars in the bloodstream and then from fat all around the body. That means that any exercise will help zap belly fat. And, building muscle all over the body will help burn even more calories and, therefore, zap fat.

7. Eat Fat = Get Fat

This is another common myth that leads anyone trying to gain muscle to avoid eating anything with fat in it like it’s the plague. This idea is a common one that reaches beyond the muscle-building world. Although it seems to make sense that if you eat fat, you will gain fat, the truth is that not all fat is created equal. In fact, good fat will help you gain muscle.

By providing your body with a number of compounds that it needs to function, including those that work to help you lose body fat, foods like avocado and flax seed will help improve your health. Bat fats, on the other hand, will contribute to overall poor health, especially when eaten in excess. These include animal fats, which is why lean protein sources are always encouraged.

8. No Stretching is Needed for Strength Training

It’s widely accepted that people need to stretch following a cardio workout because their muscles have been repeatedly worked at a fast pace. However, because muscle-building exercises are much slower and workouts are typically shorter than a cardio session, people think that they don’t need to stretch their muscles afterwards.

If you don’t stretch after a strength training workout, you’re asking for trouble. After all, your muscle has been contracted time after time during the workout. If you don’t take time to stretch it out afterwards so that it can relax and resume its normal shape, then you could find yourself with a sore muscle the next day. So, do yourself a favor and stretch after every workout.

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