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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction To Personality Typing.

Chapter 2: How To Determine Your Personality Type

Chapter 3: Personality Typing Tools

Chapter 4: The Characteristic Of A Good Personality Type

Chapter 5: The Benefits Of Personality Typing

Chapter 6: The Factors To Be Considered In Personality Typing

Chapter 7: The ABC Of Personality Typing

Chapter 8: Learn To Understand Other Personality Types

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Chapter 7:

The ABC Of Personality Typing


The personality typing can be characterized as ABC wherein each of the letters has a different meaning. If you have the type A personality, then you are most likely to suffer from heart diseases. This theory is based on the characteristics that all type A persons have. The traits include unnecessary obsession with proper time management, stress, hostility and aggression. Because of the stress factor, the researchers have found that the persons who have a type A personality are at risk of suffering from heart diseases. However, this theory is still being proven, but this is how their tests show.

For the people with the type B personality, they tend to have less stress and a slower pace than the stress of the type A personalities. This type of people is more tolerant and flexible and they can also overcome feelings of guilt so that they can take their time to enjoy their life. As the years passed by, the theory of the personality became widely accepted and is now used as a tool in understanding the personality of a person. This is why most of the professional careers these days are for the people with the type B personality. The tests and tools for personality checking can determine whether you are a type B or not. The psychologists are experts when it comes to knowing and understanding the personality types of a person. Through self-awareness and pre employment screening, employers will know the specific type of personality a person has.

The modern day psychologist added the type C personality as they can also see people with this kind of personality that is far from the type A and B. The type C has the same traits as the sub types but people who have this personality are more emotional. These types of persons are so emotional and they can get easily carried away by their emotions resulting to low self-esteem and other low traits. The personality type C is often mistaken with type A but the big difference is that they are not so obsessed with time management. The type C personalities are afraid to show and share their emotions to other people. They are also categorized as the emotionally repressed people.

You need to make sure that you know the different type of personalities so that you can deal with them properly. If you are hiring an employee, it is important that you know what you are looking for so that you will not have regrets in the end. You can try the personality assessment tests to know the personality type of the people that you are hiring. This way, it will also be easier for you give your trust and time to them. A lot of people are not hired because of personality problems. During the interview, you are also typing your personality. If you are arrogant, bossy and loud or anything that is not allowed in a company, then you will most likely not get accepted in the company where you are applying.

Chapter 8:

Learning To Understand Personality Types


It is very important that you understand the different personality types of a person. If you want to get well with others, you must know that people are not all born the same, but equal. They may be different from each other but they are equal in terms of the different personalities they have. If you will not learn to understand the other personality types, then you might have difficulties in handling the different kinds of people. There are so many ways on how you can learn to understand the different types of personalities. The very first thing to do is to identify the type of personality of a person.

If you will not understand the different personalities of people, you will surely find it hard to deal with them. You will always be struggling to understand what they are trying to express to you. This is also the reason why there are so many people who are always having an issue because of misunderstanding and personality problems. One should always understand the personality of other people so that they will not have conflicts or misunderstandings. If you have the knowledge about the preference and personality types, then it will surely be useful to you. Through the personal typing, you will have the chance to do the right things that will make your future successful and happy.

If you know your personal type, then you can get along well with your co-workers; you will know your strengths and your weaknesses and you will understand everyone around you. But if you don’t understand your personal type, then you will surely find it hard to deal with your co-workers. Every day, you would feel like you are in a fighting area where you always compete with your own ghost just to understand yourself and everyone around you. Learning the personal type will give you so many advantages that can surely help you in your needs. A person’s personality can also be used as a resource and tool to navigate your creative direction. You need to understand other people because if you cannot manage these types of personalities, it could become a big deficit in your project.

If you learn how to understand the different personality types of people, then you can use this as a motivation for yourself. This could help you motivate yourself and do good things to other people and yourself as well. You can also give a purpose to yourself and other people. Every person has his or her motivation in different ways. People have certain ways of interacting, certain ways of working and certain ways of finishing the tasks. Along with this motivation is discipline. You need to be disciplined well in all aspects so that you can have a good motivation in dealing with the different personalities of people.

People are created differently with different purposes, personalities and motivations. This is why you are encouraged to understand the personality types so that when you deal with other people, you will know what to do. If you want to succeed in what you do, then you need to make sure that you understand the different types of people that surround you. This is the only way that you can get along with other people. If you understand them and their needs of belonging, you will surely be able to avoid conflicts. A lot of people are failing these days because they don’t know how to understand and be understood by other people.

Benefits Of Learning Personality Types

If you are a worker, it is so important that you understand all types of personality that your co-workers have. Knowing their personality will help you have a good workplace to work in. These are the benefits that you can get from understanding the personal types of people.

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