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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Healing the Inner Child Basics
Chapter 2:
The History of the Healing the Inner Child Movement
Chapter 3:
Carl Jung’s Contribution
Chapter 4:
Understanding the Spiritual Connection
Chapter 5:
Understanding Why We Are Here
Chapter 6:
Learning To Trust
Chapter 7:
Learning to Forgive yourself and Others
Chapter 8:
Tools Used In Healing the Inner Child
Chapter 9:
Variations per Region
Chapter 10:
What the Critics and Proponents Have to Say

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Chapter 2: The History of the Healing The Inner Child Movement


Regardless of your age, you have experienced several problems and heartaches in the past. Whether it is bullying, loneliness, insecurity or even lack of attention and affection from your family, all of these affect your current situation. These sufferings and heartaches are not easily healed. Like others, you will carry these feelings even at present days.

The History

To take away bad memories and pains in the past, you need to understand the healing of your inner child. Through this inner child medication, you can heal your mind and soul. You also have a chance to recover the self-confidence to forgive and forget the pain. As a result, you will live in a better and happy life.

To heal the inner child movement, most experts advise the expressive therapy. This includes the use of play, writing, music and non-judgmental mediums. With this process, you can easily release negative thoughts, sabotaging actions and depleting emotions. You can also express your desires and permit the demonstration of real abundance in your life. In addition, through the use of positive affirmations and mediums of inner child therapy, you can block out and alter the integrated beliefs of your outer parenting. It is also easy for you to release all outside judgment and formation through the use of inner child therapy.

As time passes by, there are various procedures on how to heal your inner child. Apart from mediums and expressive methods, some experts offer a perfect guide like eBooks and programs. With these guides, they understand everything about inner child. In addition, asking help from experts is also observed by various people. Whatever types of healing process you desire, it doesn’t matter at all. Just make sure that you follow its steps and your condition becomes even better and effective.

Chapter 3:

Carl Jung’s Contribution

Professional psychologists have always had the complete understandings about human mind. These thinkers have revolutionized and give various contributions. One of the best psychologists in the world is Carl Jung. To know him and his great contributions, simply read the succeeding paragraphs as your reference.

Who is Carl Jung?

Carl Gustav Jung, also known as C.G. Jung, was a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist. He was born on July 26, 1875 in Kesswi. On June 6, 1961, he died after having a short illness. With his experiences and wide studies, he proposed and improved the concepts of introversion and extroversion. He also gave wide ides about collective unconscious and archetypes.

His work plays a huge role in psychiatry and in the study of philosophy, religion, archeology, literature and other related fields. Compared to other psychiatrists, he is known for his work with the development of the psyche and personality types.

What are the Contributions of Carl Jung?

Carl Jung discovered the following:

He believes that the human psyche was divided into two distinct parts – the conscious and unconscious mind.
Human dreams are produced by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind possesses undoubted works and wisdom.
He firmly believes that the meaning of symbolic dream language can be easily understood and specific.
Humans have four psychological functions – the thoughts, intuition, feelings and sensations.
Humans have both introverted and extroverted attitude in life

Above all, Carl Jung is the originator of the idea in his Divine Child archetype. In fact, Emmet Fox called it as the “Wonder Child”. He also founded a school of psychotherapy called Jungian psychology and analytical psychology.

His theories include the following:

The concept of extraversion and introversion
The ideas of the complex
The concept of collective unconscious with archetypes
Synchronicity as the scheme of relationship that is not fundamental

According to Carl Jung, the core of the human psyche should not be measured the individual’s ego. He claims that the center is the SELF. It means that it contains more than the conscious content. The SELF is the conclusion of the human psyche after developing their psychological functions. Based on his studies and knowledge, the main dream symbols that appear in human’s dream are:

1. The Persona – This is the character that the person presents to the world. The person would reflect their social position, profession and standing.

2. The Anima – This is the representation of a perfect type of man for a woman. It is an idol, but can represent a true person of the human’s environment.

3. The Shadow – This is the human psyche part that is undeveloped. The shadow contains both negative and positive characteristics, depending on someone’s personal development.

Carl Jung claimed that every dreamer who prefers to explore the content existent in their own psyche can make a trip to the SELF. He also proves to the world that human dreams follow a sequence. With his great contributions, most people admired him.

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