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Six Pack Abs PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – What Are The Perfect Abs?    3
Chapter 2 – You Are What You Eat    5
Chapter 3 – Crunches For Abs    8
Chapter 4 – Leg Lifts For Abs    10
Chapter 5 – Levitating Lift For Abs    11
Chapter 6 – Cardiovascular Exercises For Abs    12
Chapter 7 – Weight Machines For    16
Chapter 8 – Pilates For Abs    18
Chapter 9 – Change your routine    20
Chapter 10 – Using Enhancement Supplements    21
Chapter 11- Keeping Your Firm Abs    23
Chapter 12 – The Psychological Factor    25

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Chapter 1 – What Are The Perfect Abs?

You have probably been heard about “six pack abs,”  and know it is a good thing to have, but may be unsure of what exactly a six pack is.  If you think that getting a six pack involves just beer, think again.  And beer is the last thing that you need when you are trying to get the perfect six pack abs.

A perfect six pack is when your abdominal muscles are so defined that they are clearly identified.  Anyone who looks at your stomach will see that the muscles are well defined and will be able to pick them out.  There are six of them, three on each side of your abdomen and each one should look pronounced.  The perfect abs are sought after more so by men than women who seek to get well defined muscle tone.

This is not to say that women should not try to achieve the perfect abs.  To the contrary, women tend to worry more about having a flat stomach than men.  Women can still have a soft look to their body and not a bulky, muscular look when they achieve the perfect abs using the methods described in this book.  Women should not be afraid that they will bulk up if they practice these techniques.  Instead, women who look for the perfect abs and follow exercise and diet to achieve this will look slimmer, will find that their clothes fit better and will have more confidence when wearing clothes or going to the beach.  Six pack abs are for both men and women.

In order to get the perfect abs, you have to exercise and eat the right foods.  There are a few short cuts that you can take to enhance your muscles and they will be discussed in this book.  These short cuts, however, are not a magic pill that can get you the six pack abs overnight.  There is no magic pill that you can take that can help you gain the abs of your dreams in a week.  You have to be committed towards working hard to achieve this goal.  The reality is that getting the perfect abs is all about hard work and dedication.  If you are willing to work hard to have the body of your dreams, then you will be able to achieve it.

So, now that you know what the perfect abs are all about, you probably want to know why anyone wants the perfect abs. They are desired mostly for cosmetic purposes.  Those who want to look their best without a shirt or at the beach want the perfect abs.

Some celebrities pride themselves on achieving the perfect six pack.  These include stars of the motion picture industry as well as those in the sports world. They pride themselves on getting the perfect abs because they know the hard work it takes to define these muscles.

While women often want to have less definition and, by nature, have more fat than men, most women still desire a flat stomach and abdominal area.  The exercises for the perfect abs outlined in this book, as well as the diet that you need to eat to achieve the perfect abs will be for both men and women.  While women may not want the same…

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