Php Script By Script – Volume 1 Resale Rights Ebook

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Table Of Contents

Script #1 : Redirection
Script #2 : Simple Quiz
Script #3 : Password Protection
Script #4 : Date and Time
Script #5 : Other Date Functions
Script #6 : Little Spy
Script #7 : Counter
Script #8 : Unique Counter
Script #9 : Contact Us Form
Script #10 : Refer a Friend

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, is one of the most popular open source Web scripting languages today. It is powerful, it integrates well with databases, and it is easy to learn.

This e-book should help beginners to learn PHP, but it also should help webmasters to add interesting features to their websites without going in details with PHP programming.

If you are just starting PHP programming, you should consider some other PHP, MySQL and HTML resources, too. We recommend :


Please note : every script displayed in this e-book should be saved as .php file (not htm or html) and then uploaded to a website. Php extension is important because it tells the server to treat the file as PHP code.

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