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Table of Contents

Introduction 04
Chapter 1: What Is Instagram Marketing All About? 06
Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Instagram Profile For Doing Business 11
Chapter 3: Researching The Best Hashtags And Topics For Your Instagram Campaigns 15
Chapter 4: Creating A Basic Instagram Marketing Post Or Product Teaser 19
Chapter 5: Promoting An Instagram Post From The App 23
Chapter 6: Using Instagram Stories To Raise Product Awareness 27
Chapter 7: Repurposing Your Instagram Content For Other Platforms 31
Chapter 8: Using Instagram Live For A Product Reveal 35
Chapter 9: Promoting A Facebook Post On Your Instagram Account 40
Chapter 10: Running A Facebook Video Ad On Your Instagram Profile 45
Chapter 11: Running A Product Catalog Ad On Instagram 48
Chapter 12: Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands And Businesses 53
Chapter 13: Creating The Type Of Instagram Content That Customers Love 57
Chapter 14: Tips For Capturing And Editing The Perfect Instagram Photo 61
Chapter 15: Using And Understanding Instagram Insights To Track Your Performance 66
Chapter 16: Proven Instagram Marketing Strategies To Try 71
Chapter 17: Instagram Marketing Do’s And Don’ts 76
Chapter 18: Instagram Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider 80
Chapter 19: Instagram Marketing Success Stories 85
Chapter 20: Instagram Marketing Frequently Asked Questions 91
Conclusion 95
Top Resources 96
Special Offer 97

Sample Content Preview

Now you are going to tap on “account”. Next, click on the “linked accounts” option. What you’ll do now is to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. This will make switching easier.

For this, tap on the Facebook tab. Make sure you are already logged in to Facebook on your device when you do this. Tap on “connect”. You can then select whether to enable “Facebook sharing” to share your Instagram connect to Facebook automatically. For this example, we are going to tap on “not now”.

Switching To A Professional Account

Switching to a professional account is the best way to grow your brand and business on Instagram because that’s how you can access professional tools that are not available to basic accounts, such as advertising and analytics.

Doing the switch is very easy, and you can do it in just a few taps, without leaving your device. Start by tapping on the profile icon to go back to the profile section. There, tap on the “edit profile” button. Once in the “edit profile” section, tap on the “switch to professional account” link.

The first step is to select “which best describes you”. You can select “creator” if you’ll run an account for a public figure, a content producer, an artist, or an influencer.

Or you can select “business” if you’ll run an account for a retailer, a local business, a brand, an organization, or a service provider.

For this example, we are going to select “business” so we can switch the account that we manage for our online business.

As you can see here, switching to a professional account will allow you to learn more about your followers through insights, to reach more customers with paid promotions, and to add a “contact” button to your profile that will make it easier for people to get in touch with your business.

Let’s tap on the “continue” button to move on. The next step is to select a category. You can either select a category from the list of suggested categories, or you can enter a keyword into the “search categories” field to find the perfect category. Once you select a category, tap on “next”.

Now it is time to add your “public business information”. There are three types of contact info you can add here: your business email address, your business phone number, and your business address.

This information will be displayed on your profile so people can contact you easily, without having to visit your website first.

Here you simply have to add your contact info, and then to click on “next”. In case you don’t want to add this information to your profile, tap on “don’t use my contact info”.

In this example, we are going to add only our business email address, which is filled by default, so we’ll tap on “next” to continue.

Now it is time to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Start by selecting the Facebook Page of your business from this list, then tap on “next”.

Customizing Your Profile

Now that you’ve successfully switched to a professional account, tap on “go to profile”, then tap on “edit profile” to go to your Instagram business profile to apply some optimizations.

Start by tapping on “website”. Here you are going to add the URL of your business website. Now tap on “bio” to add a brief description of your brand or business, and to add keywords as hashtags related to your business and niche.

Later on you can use this field as part of a funnel, where you can send people from a post to an actionable link that you’ll add to your bio. To finish, tap on “done”. And that’ll be it friends! This is how you can get your Instagram account ready for business!

Chapter 3: Researching The Best Hashtags And Topics For Your Instagram Campaigns

Hey there friends! You’ve just turned your personal Instagram account into an optimized professional account to do business, and now you’re ready for work.

The first thing you’ll do before creating content for the platform is to find the best hashtags to use with your account.

Finding targeted keywords in your niche is important because you can add those as hashtags to your posts to make your content more discoverable, and in this lesson we are going to share with you the easiest way to find the best hashtags and topics to use for your business.

Getting Started

You can easily find the best hashtags and topics for your business using Instagram’s search function. For this, simply open the app while logged in to your account and tap on the “search” icon.

This will take you to the search page. Most people use this section to find trending content published by the accounts that they follow, related accounts, and to find content and accounts using keywords, just like they would do on Google. Likewise, you can use this feature the same way to find your hashtags and topics.

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