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Table of Contents

Introduction …. 3
Get a PayPal Account .. 5
The PayPal Debit Card ……… 5
Finding Instant Cash Affiliate Programs ………. 6
Grab a Domain Name .. 8
Promoting for Instant Cash ….. 9
Pay Per Click 9
Forum Marketing ….. 9
Blog Comments ….. 11
Email Marketing….. 11
Twitter & Facebook 11
Conclusion …. 12

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Finding Instant Cash Affiliate Programs

Once you have a PayPal account, your next step is to find affiliate programs that pay instantly. This can be difficult, because the majority of affiliate programs don’t do this. Instead of searching for affiliate programs and then looking to see if they pay instantly, it’s better to actually search specifically for those that have instant commissions.

There are two major scripts that will allow a product owner to pay instantly. The $7 Secrets script will instantly pay 100% to your PayPal account. The Rapid Action Profits script allows the owner to pay 100% of every other sale directly to your PayPal account. In other words, you get 50% of the sales, which translates to a 50% commission.

One place to find these programs is:

Here you can find affiliate programs in almost every niche imaginable that will let you get paid instantly by PayPal. Not all of them pay only $7, but a lot do. Still $7 instantly can be better than more money in several weeks, especially in the beginning!

If you’d prefer to get paid instantly for promoting more expensive products at a 50% commission, you should promote RAP products.

You can find a directory of them here:

Rapid Action Profits allows product owners to split commissions instantly by sending one sale to the affiliate’s PayPal account and one sale to their own account. It alternates back and forth automatically, translating into a 50% commission.

Another handy tool is RAP Bank:

This system lets you promote over 700 products that pay instantly through RAP with a single login using their free plugin. It’s really easy!

PaySpree is a relatively new system that pays instant affiliate commissions. I haven’t tried them, but you can check them out if you want:

Grab a Domain Name

In order to promote quickly, you’re going to need a domain name. Don’t panic! You only need a few dollars for this. You can buy a .info domain for this, and they are only about $2 or $3, depending on where you get them.

I use:

NameCheap charges $2.99 for the first year, and $9.69 for every year after that. It’s very inexpensive, and you won’t need hosting at first.

Once you buy a domain name, you can simply set it inside NameCheap (or another registrar) to forward directly to your affiliate link. This is important, because you want to be able to link directly to your affiliate link without worrying about people seeing it as an affiliate link!

Once you have a domain name that matches the product you’re promoting, forward it to your affiliate link URL and you can get started promoting it!

Promoting for Instant Cash

In order to get paid quickly, you need to get traffic quickly. On the internet, getting customers right away can be difficult. Let’s look at some of the most popular ways to get traffic quickly.

Pay Per Click

The first thought most people have when they think about getting traffic quickly is PPC. Programs like Google AdWords do make it easy to get traffic immediately, but there’s one major problem.

When you are promoting mostly lower priced products, the high costs associated with PPC marketing can eat up profits quickly. In fact, unless you’re highly experienced with PPC, you can actually lose money!

My advice is to avoid PPC right now.

Forum Marketing

One of the best ways to get money instantly is through forums. This can be tricky, though. Most forums don’t allow signatures to contain commercial links, and those that do usually don’t allow affiliate links.

There are two ways around this:

1. You can set up a blog or website on your domain and direct people to that. Of course, that requires hosting.

2. Or you can look for forums that allow affiliate links in signatures.

It’s going to be pretty difficult to find forums that allow affiliate links. You could post your domain that redirects and hope people don’t notice it’s an affiliate link because it’s masked by the domain, but that’s risky. You could end up being banned and losing all of the work you’ve done.

It’s better to set up a website to send people to if you can. That way you don’t break any rules and your posts will stick around making you money for longer.

Some forums have a Buy, Sell, and Trade area or Classified Ads area. This is a great way to get traffic, and they will sometimes let a masked affiliate link slide by.

Blog Comments

Many blogs have a ton of traffic, and you can make use of this traffic by posting comments on their most popular posts and putting your link in the URL field.

Be sure to read each post before you comment, and never place a link directly in the body of the comment. You stand a far greater chance of having your comments approved if you comment directly on the post and keep your URL in the appropriate location.

Email Marketing

If you have an email list, this is obviously the perfect way to make money from these programs. Send them targeted offers and you will make money very quickly!

Twitter & Facebook

Like email marketing, social marketing can make you cash very quickly if you already have a large friends list. Just be careful to post plenty of content and don’t post one affiliate link after another, otherwise your lists will shrink quickly!


Making money with instant affiliate commissions is very simple. Once you know where to find the programs and how to get traffic quickly, it’s all very easy!

When you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, you need cash quickly, and this is definitely one of the best ways to get it.

You don’t have to stick solely to the promotion methods I’ve mentioned, either. Get creative! Think of some other ways you can get traffic quickly.

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