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Chapter 1: About The Hologram

Chapter 2: How The Changes Start

Chapter 3: Affecting Your Outside World

Chapter 4: About Holographic Chips

Chapter 5: Healing With Holographic Memories

Chapter 6: The Research

Chapter 7: Quantum Hologram Healing

Chapter 8: The Steps Needed For Healing

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Chapter 2: How The Changes Start


Albert Einstein came across the incredible formula E=mc2, by which he demonstrated that matter and energy are exchangeable, and that matter is a pulsating field of energy. The brain and the emotions are energy fields, and they all bear their frequencies.

The Beginnings

Whenever the frequencies are optimal, you have no option but to be fit, positive, successful, happy, and in a life story where everything you execute leads to a greater energy state.

Once our frequencies get to be less than optimal, matters begin going awry. It does not matter whether it’s the tangible, mental or emotional, if it’s optimal; we bear a great healthy mind and body.

Albert Einstein started the work in terms of relative frequency, but other people have done a little extraordinary work with relative frequency and one of them is a Swiss man of science who distinguished that when he took a few alloy plates and placed sand, inert substance, on top of the alloy plate, and vibrated assorted sound frequencies through the alloy plate, with every sound he vibrated, he would acquire a totally different pattern in the sand, and he may produce all the forms of nature with these sounds, therefore demonstrating that frequency produces form. If we wish to alter our form, we have to alter the frequency.

Individuals with split personalities have been executing this for years. An individual might have one personality which has bronchial asthma and a different personality with diabetes, and they may literally switch from one personality to a different in minutes, and the entire physiology of the body will switch from asthma to diabetes in minutes.

Blood tests demonstrate that they have full diabetes and have to take insulin, and then they switch back and the diabetes is nowhere to be found and they have bronchial asthma. If somebody with split personalities may switch their entire personality in moments, we ought to ask ourselves why can’t we do it likewise.

As if you have cancer, that’s merely a relative frequency of energy. In theory we ought to be able to switch our frequency out of the cancer frequency and be done in a few moments with cancer. In theory that is perfectly possible. And that is what we work with in holographic healing.

Chapter 3: Affecting Your Outside World


Individuals will frequently state “I need to work on my marriage but my hubby or wife won’t do any treatment to save it. Does it make any difference in me being able to salvage the relationship?”

As luck would have it, in holographic healing it makes no difference to the situation at all as we are holograms.

Relating To Others

Holograms are indivisible, so you are not able to divide them into pieces. Can you divide a husband and a wife, a mom and youngster? Utterly not!

For example, if I’m having an issue with a loved one or an acquaintance and I do a session on myself, if I go to visit that acquaintance they are all of a sudden transformed and not acting in the ways that were disturbing me so much. How come? Because I switched my unconscious patterns round that relationship, and moved the relative frequencies back to their optimal level of operating.

And it likewise shifts the frequencies of the individual I was centered on in that session. It is really energizing. So remember, if you have whatever issue in your life, even if it appears to be the other individuals issue, it is a chance to consider the frequencies that have to be raised to their optimal levels.

And once we accomplish that, the stars in their orbits shift, because everything in this creation is a network of interconnected relationships. We’re all awesome pulsing fields of energy.

Each relationship you have, and it does not matter whether it is a friendly relationship, an acquaintance, an familiar relationship, or someone you might never see again, each relationship is an interchange of energy, and that interchange of energy either leads both individuals to a greater energy state, or that interchange of energy leads you both to a inferior energy state.

So if you go to a grocery clerk, and she grouches and growls, and doesn’t grin at you, broadly speaking, both of you move into an inferior energy state.

If you have a true connection in a relationship, then in that conversion of energy, you are able to literally feel that you’ve moved to a higher energy state as a consequence of this individual being in your life.

Chapter 4: About Holographic Chips


A holographic chip that’s tinctured with 100s of articulated frequencies made up of 100s of fundamental energies that, once placed on particular acupuncture points, interact with the body’s own fundamental powers. The chips are said to help the body adapt and balance the innate energy flows without drugs or chemicals. The chips are made so that nothing tangible enters the body.

The Theory Behind The Devices

It is stated that By blending 3,000 years of scientific discipline in a 21st century delivery system, that holographic chips may assist with a better nights rest, lower discomfort and additional energy. These life enhancing products are said to supply an aura of peace and power and assist the body to protect, reconstruct and regenerate.

Medical physicians from assorted parts of the world are utilizing holographic chips in their practice and some state that they are seeing substantial results. Patients taking inflammatory drugs, diabetes medicines, hypertension prescription drugs are substituting their high-dollar pharmaceuticals with the inexpensive holographic chips for pain and what is also called energy chips.

Besides being inexpensive, the ease of utilize is a different factor that MDs are advocating these chips in their medical practice. As patients carry on to report on their success and re-ordering the chips, a few physicians have called the chips the most exciting product to recently come out.

Some doctors report, holographic chips are good for occupational treatment, as a lot of companies try to avoid a recordable event; when prescription drugs or medicines are utilized.

It may be that these work – at least temporarily – since the wearer trusts they work. There’s evidence that “a belief in good fortune may affect outcome.” Positive thinking may make a difference in cases where somebody has the power to influence an outcome.

However some say that this frequency stuff is immense. These Holographic Chips are implanted with sound wave, vibrations and frequencies that when placed on particular acupuncture areas, 98% of time, individuals report a growth in energy and stamina, deeper, more relaxing sleep, pain relief and additional favorable results.

Naturally, personal results will vary depending on numerous personal and environmental elements like overall state of health, age, diet and so on.

Best results depend upon;

• Drinking enough pure water when wearing the chip to increase cellular communication in the body and so increasing the affect.
• Putting the chips along sensitive acupuncture meridian points, the chips interact with the bio-magnetic field around the physical body.

Chip users are describing expanded focus and concentration along with improved feelings and physical abilities. Doctors are reporting that patients with ADD/attention deficit disorder demonstrate significant improvement while wearing the chips.

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