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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Choosing A Dog Basics

Chapter 2: Utilize Your Vets Knowledge

Chapter 3: Think About Your Daily Routine

Chapter 4: Think About Your Surroundings

Chapter 5: Decide The Dogs Purpose

Chapter 6: Research The Best Place To Get The Dog

Chapter 7: Make Sure You Are Ready For A Pet

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Chapter 2: Utilize Your Vets Knowledge


Getting the advice of a vet when considering the purchase of a pet is very useful as the vet will be able to point out various issues that will affect both pet and the individual in ways often not considered. Therefore getting some guidance from someone like a vet will help to give the individual a better perspective on the overall needs, problems, sometimes inconveniences and requirements of owing a pet.

The Vet

Perhaps the most important advice that the vet is more likely to impart would be that on the cost involved in having a pet. Besides the additional food needs, there are also a host of other costs that would be required and this might burden the individual if this scenario is not anticipated and factored into the equation.

Most people are really not fully aware of all the various costs that are usually incurred when having a pet. These may include vaccines, de-worming, flea treatment, neutering, and any medical fees that may be incurred when the animal is unwell.

The vet will also be able to help the individual decide on the most suitable type to pet to acquire that would most suit the individual’s lifestyle and living conditions.

This is important and often not considered by the individual interested in having a pet, especially if the intended choice is a puppy.

The individual will not be adequately informed or be prepared for the requirements needed when the said puppy eventually grows into a mature animal.

There are a lot of animals that look cute, especially when they are puppies but require a lot of upkeep as they age, and without the vet’s helpful advice the individual may not be prepared to adapt to such changes.

Most well meaning vets will also encourage the individual to get a pet from a shelter especially if the individual is not prepared to look after the delicate needs of a puppy. In most cases this would seem like a better option for the individual especially if there are no children in the equation to consider.

Chapter 3: Think About Your Daily Routine


For those who are considering adding a pet to the current family unit or as a companion for a couple or a single person, thinking about how this addition is going to fit into the current daily routine scenario is very important.

A lot of people fail to take into serious consideration, how a pet will affect their lives, especially if the individual is getting the pet to pacify the needs of a child.

Children will often promise to be totally committed to looking after the pet, but this usually ends up being the adult’s burden once the child’s initial excitement wears off.

Then the adult will have to pick up the slack, left behind by the child and this could be something that would be both inconvenient and a nuisance.

Think About It

There are also instances where having a pet would just not be feasible or workable, as the indiuval may have a schedule that requires a lot of travelling.

If this is the case then alternatives would have to be arranged, where the pet can be taken care of in the same committed fashion as the owner, and this is often very hard to find or arrange. This would not only cause distress to the owner of the pet, but would also cause distress to the pet itself.

Other elements to consider would be the need to consider if the pet would be left alone a large part of the time, thus constituting to neglect and emotional trauma for the pet.

Most people should be made to understand that pets have feelings too, and these feelings should be taken in serious consideration if the pet is going to live a healthy and problem free life.

Failing to consider this would not only cost the pet its mental and physical wellbeing, but would also be costly for the owner when the services of a vet have to be frequently sought.

Chapter 4: Think About Your Surroundings


The surroundings the pet is going to be positioned into is important to the eventual metal and physical well being of the animal. Therefore some informed decisions should be made, to accommodate such needs before the animal is purchased.

The Environment

The following are some of the elements to consider about the surroundings the pet is eventually going to be exposed to:

Some pets require a of lot of room to move around in and also a large outdoor space where they can run around and enjoy the freedom that animals are supposed to enjoy.

Without such allowances, such pets will eventually develop medical problems that would result in trauma for both the owner and the pet in question.

There is also the unwanted added cost that would be uncured, when there are frequent visits to the vet.

If the pet is going to be confined to an area that is noisy and very busy, this too may not be conducive for the pet. Some pets are able to cope with high levels of activity and noise while others can’t, thus the need to consider the types of breeds suitable for adapting to these kinds of surroundings.

If there are frequent weather changes in the surroundings, the owner of the pet should be able to provide adequate shelter for comfort and safety of the animal.

Failing to consider this and make the necessary arrangements could create problems with the governing law of the area.

This is especially likely if the individual’s implementing the law take their jobs very seriously. The owner could be slapped with fines and sometimes even have the suffering animal taken away.

Other considerations may include having fences put up as precautionary measures to keep the pet inside and away from causing possible harm to others.

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